Four Husbands Talk About Their Wives While Fishing and It Turns into a Cheerful Discussion

Apr 29, 2019
04:25 A.M.
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Many wives probably wonder what their husbands talk about while fishing. A new story reveals that the truth is funnier than what most people would suspect.


Stereotypically in movies and television shows when men go fishing, they are portrayed as discussing sports and complaining about their bosses.



about four married men who went fishing turns this on its head by showing how they discuss their wives.




About an hour after the four men had arrived at the fishing spot and set up their lines, the conversation turned to their respective wives. They discussed what they had to do to get their wives’ permission to go fishing.

The first one promised to paint the interior of the house. The second man pledged to build a deck next to the pool. The third man told his wife that he would remodel the kitchen.

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After a while, the three men realized that the fourth man had been quiet during the conversation. They asked him why this was.

He then told them that he set his alarm for 5:30 am that morning, knowing that his wife would be cranky. He said that she could have sex with him right then or he could go fishing. She merely replied telling him to wear a sweater.




Sometimes fishing expeditions are not as lighthearted as the one experienced by these four men. James Monroe, a fisherman, recently experienced this in the Bahamas.

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James was fishing on a boat when a shark started attempting to eat the engine. He tried to get rid of the shark, but it proved very difficult. Eventually, he was successful in getting rid of the shark.

Facebook/Daily Mail

He filmed the incident and posted it online. The clip went viral, and many people commented on it either making light of the situation or emphasizing how dangerous sharks can be.