22-Year-Old Miss France Hopeful, Morgan Rolland Killed by Tractor-Trailer

22-year-old Morgan Rolland, who was a model and volunteer firefighter, was killed by a tractor-trailer while on a bike ride in central France last week. 

Morgane Rolland, 22, joined a friend for a bike ride on a small country road in Loire. During the ride, she swerved to avoid a car and hit a tractor-trailer coming in the opposite direction.

According to local sources, Rolland was flung under the trailer during the accident. She was then airlifted to the hospital and declared dead upon arrival.

"The bike got stuck on the notch of the trailer, and the cyclist passed under it," said one reporter.

Rolland was runner-up in the 2017 Miss Loire contest. She was gearing up to compete in another competition that, if she won, would land her a spot in the Miss France competition.

Rolland was a volunteer firefighter in her small town with a love for sports. She also took to Instagram to share her passion for cooking.

“When fate steals the life of a young woman of 22 years, we can only be shaken by the tragedy,” the national director of the Miss France organization wrote on Instagram. “Have a good voyage to the land of angels, beautiful Morgane!”

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