Kenny Rogers' Twin Sons Are All Grown up and Look Unrecognizable

May 05, 2019
04:26 P.M.
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Kenny Rogers' twin boys are all grown up already and you'll be surprised at how tall they are.


The adorable duo, Jordan and Justin, were welcomed in 2004, seven years after country legend Kenny and his wife Wanda got married. 

The couple met decades ago when Kenny actually went on a blind date to a restaurant hosted by Wanda. Instead of calling back his date, he called the restaurant and showed interest in Wanda. 


Wanda didn't receive the call herself and so she had to be convinced that her co-workers were not lying and that Kenny really was interested in her. When she finally returned the call, that was it for the two lovebirds.

Kenny was married a few times before and has three children from those relationships, so it's not the first time he's raised teenagers. Still, the country singer never faced the challenge of dealing with identical twin boys. 


Wanda herself is one half of a twin and Kenny also has twins running in his family. Over the years, the singer has posted lots of pictures featuring his gorgeous wife and beautiful sons.

The most recent ones of the boys, however, were a long time in the making. They came during the Christmas season and included the lovely family of four. 


The boys were much bigger than the last time we'd seen them and even sported a hint of beards but still had their dark brown locks just like their mom's. In one of the pictures, Kenny sat in a wheelchair with the rest of his family behind him. 

The singer has released several hits like "Love or Something Like It," "The Gambler," "Lucille," and "Lady." His works have earned him two Grammy Awards and several Country Music Association Awards.


Kenny also delved into acting and has appeared in films like 1973's "Sonora," 1975's "The Dream Makers," and 1981's "The Coward of the County." 

Sadly though, the musician has been facing a lot of health issues as of late. In 2018, he was forced to cancel a number of appearances for his final tour in line with his doctor's advice. 

In the midst of his retirement, Kenny thanked his fans for all their support and for being a part of his happiness. Still, he sacrificed his last offer to create a record because, being the family man he is, he wanted to just "sit home with [his boys]."