May 05, 2019

Hamas Commander Killed in Retaliation Airstrike from Israel

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A Hamas commander has reportedly been killed in a series of airstrikes that also claimed the lives of four Israelis and 22 Palestinians, including a child and two pregnant women.

The commander, Hamed Ahmed Abed Khudri, is said to have been killed in a targeted airstrike on his car, with Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that the Hamas is paying "a heavy price" for attacking the country.

It has also been reported that Netanyahu has ordered military forces to continue the "massive strikes on terror elements in the Gaza Strip" and reinforcement of the troops at the site.



It is believed that the plan is to provide the military forces in Gaza with tanks, artillery and infantry units to allow Israel to keep striking the targeted area.

The airstrikes that reportedly killed Khudri served as an answer to the missiles that rained down upon Israel on Saturday, killing a 58-year-old man named Moshe Agadi.


The father-of-four was left critically injured after a rocket hit a building in Ashkelon, a coastal city in the Southern District of Israel, close to Tel Aviv and north of the border with the Gaza Strip.

Agadi was struck in the chest by shrapnel and became the first Israeli fatality in the last five years. Since Saturday morning, over 430 missiles have been fired from Gaza into Israeli territory.



His brother, Shmulik Moshe, said:

"Moshe went out for a cigarette between every few rocket sirens. That time he did not make it back into the shelter in time. The paramedics tried performing CPR and he was rushed to the hospital, but he did not make it."


During Israeli's retaliation, eight Palestinian militants also lost their lives, and Netanyahu has made it very clear that Israel won't let the attacks go unpunished.


This incident comes a little over a year since the Israeli Prime Minister's hospitalization. At the time, Netanyahu was suffering from a high fever and a persistent cough.

The politician had to undergo several tests and the results indicated a minor infection in his upper airways. As a result, the Prime Minister was ordered to rest and take the medicine prescribed to his medical condition.