Trucker Makes a Motorist Pull Over

You're meant to drive only as fast as your guardian angel can fly, but what happens when your guardian angel is in the lane right next to you?

Sometimes the people closest to you cannot help you when you're drowning yet a perfect stranger comes along and offers to carry you while you tread water. 

The following story is about a couple of truckers and, whether true or not, we believe in the message.

A trucker was traveling through rural North Carolina on I-95 when a brown sedan merged onto the highway. It weaved back and forth between lanes, causing the driver of the truck to shift into a lower gear.

At first, he thought the driver was drunk, but when he came closer, the trucker saw an old man shaking uncontrollably behind the wheel.

He noticed a Citizen’s Band antenna whipping to and fro as the car jerked between lanes, so he called on the radio: “You in the brown Chevy. Mister, if you can hear me, pull over. Pull off the road!”

Amazingly, he did!

The trucker pulled up behind the car and climbed from his cab. The elderly man staggered from his auto and fell into the trucker’s arms.

He poured out a story of months of fear and pain that accompanied the illness of his only daughter. He was returning from the hospital where it had been decided that she would cease any further treatment.

In the hospital, he had remained “strong” and stoic for his daughter, but once out on the road, he said he just fell apart.

The two men talked for the good part of an hour. The father eventually decided to share his pain about his daughter and said he felt good enough to drive home.

The men embraced and the trucker followed him for 50 miles. As they drove along, the two talked together on the radio. The older man finally acknowledged that his exit was ahead and thanked his new friend again for all his help.

The trucker worriedly asked if he was sure he could make it home all right when suddenly, a third voice broke in on the conversation:

“Breaker 19, don’t worry, good buddy. Go your way. I’ll see him home!”

Glancing in his rearview mirror, he saw a livestock truck move into the exit lane behind the brown sedan and he knew that the old man would be okay.

There's a certain code amongst truckers, and when it comes to what constitutes family, they rarely digress from treating each other like brothers and sisters on the road.

When trucker Mark Shuman died from brain cancer at the age of 48, his family decided that his funeral should be a testimony to how he lived his life.

They chose to celebrate the husband, father, and trucker that he was by arranging "one last ride" on a tricked out semi for his funeral.

Shuman, a well-known truck enthusiast and head of a trucking company, was loaded onto a pink and silver truck for his last ride.

A convoy of fellow truckers somberly drove past Shuman’s funeral to pay their last respects in what his son Luke called, a "very emotional, yet proud day for everybody," saying to them:

"The sound of all of your horns blaring at once gave me goosebumps, a smile from ear to ear and many tears."

Sometimes, it seems a guardian angel is just waiting for you to see him in your rearview mirror. 

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