'Whites Only' Note Allegedly Found in GA High School Bathroom

Aby Rivas
May 07, 2019
08:54 P.M.
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A Georgia High School became the center of controversy after a student allegedly found a “whites only” sing in a bathroom. However, school officials are now claiming the note is a hoax, created to spark a conversation about race.


Bremen High School in west Georgia launched an investigation after one of its students, identified as Treavor Smith, took to social media to share the photo of a racist sing he allegedly found in a bathroom at the school.

High School bathrooms. | Photo: Shutterstock


Smith said the sign, which reads “WHITES ONLY; if not, use the other bathroom :),” was not the first act of racism the school has encountered.

“I brought this to light because it’s not the first time that racism has taken over our school,” he told Atlanta news station CBS46.


According to school officials, about 90% of students at Bremen High School are white, while only 9% are black.

Several students, parents, and alumni from the school took to social media to share their thoughts on the racist note, and many seemed to agree that the incident came as no surprise.


“This is nothing new at Bremen High School!” wrote parent Tabitha Johnson, whose daughter was a victim of racism at the school last year, on Facebook. And continued:

“A statement was recently made that we must address these issues and just move on. Believe me, when you are a person of color, we can never move on from racism. We deal with it everyday!!!! Something must change at Bremen High School!!!!! Students tend to emulate the direction of their leadership!!! What does your leadership stand for?”

Jacob Miles, former alumni at the school, took to Twitter to comment on the incident with sarcasm:


After further investigation, Principal Tim Huff released a statement informing the public that the sign was, in fact, a hoax.

The statement read:

“Upon further investigation, the high school administration discovered that the widely publicized incident from yesterday was, in fact, a fabrication. The orchestrated behavior was intended to incite a response around an extremely sensitive topic. The student(s) involved are being dealt with in terms of discipline. It does not appear the sign was ever posted for students to see.”


Although Huff didn’t want to answer more questions about the incident, he told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“We have investigated the incident, determined who placed the message in the restroom and are administering consequences. [Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act] prevents me from providing further details about the discipline."


After reading the development, Tabitha Johnson reassured her position on the matter, stating that, although this one incident was deemed as fake, there have been other instances of racism at the school.

“The negative actions of one person should never negate the true experiences of others,” she wrote. “This is still an ongoing issue that needs attention at this High School. I'm not speaking from assumptions but personal experience. FACTS.”

It is not the first time a High School in Georgia gets involved in a racial incident.


Last year, students at the Brookwood High School in Gwinett County sparked outrage when, during a performance at the half-time show of a football game, four marching band members lined up at the forefront and their instruments, covered with letters on them, spelled out an offensive racial slur that starts with the letter "c."

The Principal, Bo Ford, sent out a letter to explain the situation. In it, she clarified that the school's mascot name, "Broncos," is spelled out by letters on a few of the instruments. The instruments themselves are not usually covered with the letters, but the damage was already done.


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