Dan Blocker of ‘Bonanza‘ Fame Has an Actor Son That Is Virtually His Father’s Clone

Dirk Blocker of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has a jaw-dropping resemblance to his father, Dan Blocker, of the hit show "Bonanza." Their connection goes beyond the physical.

Dan Blocker was an actor from Texas, who also served in the army during the Korean War from '51 to '52. He got a purple heart for the injuries he sustained during his service.

After returning from the war, he started his acting career with a role in "Three Stooges," but it was not until 1959 that he got his breakout role in the "NBC" hit series "Bonanza."

Dan starred as "Eric ‘Hoss' Cartwright" the son of a wealthy family. His character was a good-natured individual, who was gullible, shy, awkward, and had compassion and love for everyone, especially children.

The character appealed to the younger generation, and his inspiration for the role came from the words of Stephen Callet, which admonishes everyone to show kindness while on earth, as they'll not return a second time.

The actor played the role for 13 seasons until his death in '72 at the age of 43, from a Pulmonary Embolism; he suffered it after gallbladder surgery.

Dan was married to Dolphin Parker Blocker from 1952 till his death. Their union produced four children — two daughters and two sons; his sons — Dirk and David Blocker followed his steps into Hollywood.

David became a producer while Dirk took to acting. The latter for most of his career appeared in television series, and currently, he plays the role of Detective Hitchcock in the "Fox/NBC" series "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

The 61-year-old actor's character provides comic relief for his co-stars and the audience, and his sense of humor is what endears him to fans of the show.

The actor has also starred in supporting roles in series like "Beverly Hills, 90210," "The X-Files," and "Walker, Texas Ranger." He also acted in the same capacity in the reboot "Bonanza: The Return."

Apart from following in his father's career, Dirk has a jaw-dropping resemblance to the late actor. The father-of-two is the replica of Dan, and seeing him is akin to seeing the late actor alive.

However, the bond between father and son goes beyond the physical. Although the actor was a teenager when Blocker passed, the time they spent together had a lasting effect on him.

Dirk credits his father's influence as the reason he joined the movie industry. The actor idolized the father-of-four so much that he did everything he could to continue from where he left off.

Although he has not won any major award, Dirk has a wealth of experience that sets him apart and the actor is confident that had his father lived, he (Dan) would be proud of the man he became.

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