Zach and Tori Roloff Share Their Family Plans

Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their first child in May 2017 but the couple is not planning to keep their family limited to three. The couple has plans to extend their family in the future. 

According to a source, the couple wants to let things play out and see if they will be blessed with more little angels. 

“We want a family. I would love four or five kids. I want a little pack. Right now, we’re just kind of [like], if it happens, it happens.”

Agreeing with her husband, Tori said they are ready whenever God’s timing is right. Currently, the couple is enjoying parenthood in the best way possible. 

Tori further shared how their little son likes being a part of a TV show. 

“He really likes the crew, which is nice,” she said. “He loves watching the cameras and watching them all move. For him, it’s still fun.” 

Little Jackson is talking and mimicking more, according to his dad. “He’s just doing everything a little bit better lately,” Zach shared.

Zach and Tori got married in 2015 and welcomed their little son Jackson after two years. When Tori was 34-weeks into pregnancy, the duo discovered that Jackson had dwarfism like his father. 

Being open about her concerns regarding Jackson’s condition, Tori was immensely worried that their son would struggle to fit in. However, she and Zach were assured that they would love their child no matter what.

Speaking of how dwarf children require extra attention, Zach shared how they have to be encouraged because it takes them extra steps to do what other kids do in less. 

With parents like Zach and Tori, Jackson will be able to achieve whatever dreams he carries regardless of his appearance or stature. After all, they will be there for him to help him out in every step of his life. 

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