Motown Founder Berry Gordy Was 'Madly in Love' with a Singer & They Have a Daughter

Oyin Balogun
May 11, 2019
12:35 P.M.
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Berry Gordy was once “Madly in love” with a famous singer, and their relationship produced a daughter who is as talented as her parents.


Those who lived in the last century till date will remember Berry Gordy as the owner of "Motown Records," and the man who produced great hits with stars like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, and Diana Ross.

Gordy started his record label in the ‘50s, and once upon a time, he owned the most successful music business by an African-American. His business might have continued to flourish if not for his fatal attraction to Ross and his determination to turn her into his best creation.


Gordy met Ross in the ‘60s when the band "The Supremes" was created, and by '65, the two began a romantic relationship with each other. By '71, they decided it was better to make the relationship professional and thereby ended things.

Ross then got married to business executive, Robert Ellis Silberstein. At the time, the singer was pregnant with a child—Rhonda Ross—and gave birth to her as her husband's daughter.


Rhonda grew up believing Silberstein to be her father, and referred to her biological dad—Gordy—as "Uncle B.B." However, before she turned 13, the iconic singer came clean and revealed the truth to her daughter.

The now 46-year-old recalls that she was not surprised as people always intimated that and she looked different from her siblings. Rhonda, now a singer and actress, shares a close relationship with her 89-year-old father whom she describes as a "National Treasure," and as someone whose life "Changed the world."


The description is not far-fetched as the father-of-eight contributed a lot to the music industry. But, despite his accomplishments, he sees Ross as the "The biggest star" of his life. Gordy once said in an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning" that the 75-year-old singer is the "Biggest love of his life and his greatest obsession."

As beautiful as it sounds, that love cost him his label, as he focused all his attention into making the mother-of-five a great actress and singer, and even went into television production to help her secure an Oscar win.

Ross never got the Oscar, and years later, the two had a fall out on the set of "Mahogany," which subsequently ended their professional relationship.The two have since reconciled, and their most celebrated work together is "Lady Sing The Blues."