Sylvester Stallone Poses with Daughter Sophia Who Just Graduated from USC

The eldest daughter of Sylvester Stallone graduated from the University of Southern California and is now conquering the world while being the image of a British modeling agency.

Sophia Rose is 22 years old and like all the young people of her generation, she is an expert in the use of social networks. Only on Instagram, the girl has more than 900,000 followers who love seeing the sexy photos she publishes.

The girl received a lot of attention from her parents because when she was just two months old, Sophia was diagnosed with a heart malformation and it was necessary to operate it. When he turned 16, he again entered the operating room, now for open-heart surgery.

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only took 17 years of school.. done❤️💛

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For that reason, she is very careful with what she eats and also with the physical activity she realizes, since her health is everything. And the best thing is that you can easily see the result of all that effort that has rewarded her with a sculptural body and radiant skin and hair.

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woah time flies by, best 4 years✌🏼

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After Sylvester saw his daughter graduate from the University of Southern California on Friday, the proud father took Instagram to share the happy news with all his followers.

"Our daughter SOPHIA graduates from USC! An absolutely amazing day for all of us, what a pride!" He subtitled the photo of him standing next to his daughter in a cap and gown from the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, Class of 2019.

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this ain’t my first rodeo

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Another of the relatives who were present at Sophie's graduation was his uncle Frank Stallone, the actor's brother and also a Grammy-nominated musical artist, he also shared a photo with more family members celebrating the big day.

In the photo, Sly could not take her eyes off her supreme glory, while Sophia posed with her mother, her uncle, and sisters, Scarlet, 16, and Sistine, 20. The three sisters shared the honor of being Miss Golden Globe in 2017.

Sylvester Stallone, recognized for his roles of "Rocky" and "Rambo", returns to the big screen with the film "Creed 2", the sequel to the success that earned him in 2015 to be nominated for the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

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