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Vanna White Is a Proud Mom of 2 Beautiful Kids – Meet Both of Them

Monica Otayza
Sep 01, 2021
11:16 A.M.
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Vanna White has achieved a lot in her life, but her most significant achievement remains her two children.


Vanna White has been entertaining the world for over three decades on the TV show "Wheel Of Fortune." She's best known for uncovering the letters on the show's famous puzzle board, but to those close to her, she's known as a doting mother of two and an avid crocheter.

Born Vanna Marie Rosich on February 18, 1957, she went on to pursue a career in acting before landing her most significant role yet. Out of 200 applicants, she was chosen to join Pat Sajak on "Wheel of Fortune."

Vanna White on May 13, 2010 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images



White is very close to her first child and son, Nikko, and the two are always sharing photos of the times they spend together on social media. Some bonding activities they do with one another include attending charity events for different causes. 

Born on June 10, 1994, Nikko graduated from Oregon State University and also attended the University of Arizona. He and his mom enjoy traveling together, sharing their fun adventures, like hiking in Hawaii, on social media. 



Meanwhile, her second-born, Gigi, was born on July 2, 1997. She is a tattoo artist in Huntington Beach, California, working as an apprentice at a local studio. 

White has done a great job balancing her career and personal life. She enjoys her job a lot, despite critics calling her a "non-speaking clothe horse" for being a letter-turner on the show. 



According to the "Guinness Book of World Records," the South Carolina native clap record per show is 720 and 28,000 per season, and she has reportedly modeled about 6,700 gowns.

Before getting on the game show, White worked as a model and an actress, but she was not very successful at both. Her success on "Wheel of Fortune" got her endorsements and a role on NBC's "Venus: The Goddess of Love."



While she might have played a love goddess on "Venus: The Goddess of Love," the actress has been unlucky when it comes to her love life. In 1986, her relationship with a soap opera actor, John Gibson, ended tragically when he died in a plane crash.

In 1990, she met and married Pietro, a restauranteur, but after a decade together, they divorced in 2002. Next, she got engaged to Michael Kaye, a successful businessman, but they never made it to the altar.



Currently, she is dating contractor John Donaldson after they were introduced by their friends in 2012. Sharing about her partner, she said: 

"He is kind, understanding, and lets me be me. Today, I am happy just the way things are."

Ultimately, White believes that if there's one thing fans might be surprised to find out about her, it's that when she isn't on the show, she actually lives a very simple life.

Aside from spending time with her boyfriend, she also enjoys going on trips with her two children the most.