Loqueesha' Film Trailer about White Man Pretending to Be a Black Woman Causes Furore

The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival felt the need to undo the damage that one of their feature films, "Loqueesha" has brought about in social media. The film met harsh criticism due to its story of a white man pretending to be a black woman. 

SLO International Film Festival is set to feature the movie "Loqueesha," which revolves around a white man pretending to be a white woman to get a job as a radio personality. It is now facing heavy criticism on social media for being a racist movie. 

A case of misinformation

Although the first few seconds of the controversial movie's trailer read "Official Selection San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 2019," the festival's official social media pages clarified that the film was never selected, screened, or given an award, which means they used the prestigious festival's laurels without consent. 

When people noticed that the movie was indeed part of the initial line up, SLOIFF responded by saying that while it was originally listed, it ended up being pulled out prior to the festival and was never shown there. 

Since being pulled out, a spokesperson for the film festival assumed that the filmmakers would remove the laurels from the trailer, as they were assured by their camp that they'd be able to do so. 

Outrage over racism

Since the dawn of the "woke" era on social media, people have been more vocal about controversial topics that they feel need to be called out. This is exactly what happened to the "Loqueesha" film, which people thought was insensitive, racist, and stereotypical of black women. 

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts about it, and the comments included: 

Watch the controversial trailer here:

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