Nadya Suleman Shares a Photo with 10 of Her Children to Mark Her 'Octomom' Mother's Day

Nadya Suleman celebrated Mother's Day with a photo of ten of her children and a lengthy message reflecting on her life as a mom. 

Suleman, 43, is best known as "Octomom" from when she gave birth to the world's last surviving octuplets ten years ago. In her message, Suleman made it clear just how much she loved all her kids. 

The mother of 14 already had six children before she intentionally became pregnant again. She received tons of backlash and was accused of using the kids for financial gain when she eventually gave birth to eight more children. 

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I love you forever, Iove you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby (babies) you'll be... Ever since I had my first Son Elijah I've said this daily, year after year, for nearly 18 years (from the book Love You Forever). This bedtime tradition of holding, rocking, and expressing my unconditional love to each and every one of my children has carried on to these miraculous angles, since the day they were born (Maliyah repeats it to me and says, my mommy you'll be 😩). I reflect daily as to what I did to deserve eight more blessings in my life, as you angels are the greatest gift any mom could wish for. Always know, with every passing year, my love for you continues to grow. I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living, my babies you'll be. Happy birthday angels. I love you. #FourYearsOld ❤

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Before that, though, Suleman struggled with infertility issues, as outlined in part of her lengthy message on Instagram. She shared part of her story with her followers, empathizing with those who were going through a similar experience.

She wrote: 

"I believed God would never bless me with children. Unbeknownst to me back then, He had a plan greater than I could fathom. I learned to be patient, trusting, and accepting of the process throughout my obstacle-laden journey."

Suleman went on to say that she was grateful for the challenges she regularly faces because they helped make her into the mother she is today. Her own mom, Suleman wrote, died nearly four years ago, so she could relate to those who lost their mothers. 

Finally, she thanked her children for all they did, in particular, for the "beautiful art [and] heartwarming notes" they created for her on Sunday. The picture showed a table covered in the cards the children made. 

Suleman's octuplets were only the second set to be born alive in the country. After their arrival, Suleman struggled to provide for her 14 children. In a controversial move, she even filmed an adult movie at one point. 

Back in December, Suleman gave an update on her and her kids, who were all conceived through invitro-fertilization. She revealed that she lives in a modest three-bedroom house in Orange County, California.

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Been recently reflecting on how blessed I truly am. Mother’s Day can be an emotionally painful day for many. I feel your sadness. Throughout the six years of infertility (including miscarriages) I struggled with nearly 25 years ago, I believed God would never bless me with children. Unbeknownst to me back then, He had a plan greater than I could fathom. I learned to be patient, trusting, and accepting of the process throughout my obstacle laden journey. I am grateful for the battles I’ve fought, and the challenges I continue to face, as they have forged, shaped and strengthened me into the mom I am today. For those of you who have lost your mom (as I had over four years ago) or perhaps experienced the most devastating of all loses, a child...I can only hope and pray God bestows upon you some semblance of peace. Thank you to all my wonderfully loving children, (even to my eldest Eli who despises pictures), for creating beautiful art, writing heartwarming notes, and showering me with love. You are my life. My heart. I love you. ❤️

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Some of the children sleep on couches, and shifts are organized for the children to eat. The family all eat raw vegan foods and avoid vaccines and medicines. 

According to Suleman, she talks to her kids about everything, including her time as an adult film star. "They know, they went through it with me. It’s a huge weight lifted off of all of them when I went back to who I was," she said.

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Proving other people wrong was never my intention when I gave birth to a small village ten years ago. If there was anyone I needed to prove anything to, it was myself. My fears, doubts, and insecurities were palpable; I was single, alone, in poverty, and terrified. What had I done to my family? How could I be so selfish and immature? Fear was the fuel I used to fight for my family. I never planned, never wanted, nor was prepared to be propelled into the public eye. Paradoxically, as an introverted agoraphobic, I spent my entire life hiding from people. Mainstream media hijacked my life. Out of desperation to provide for my family I pretended to be something I was the polar opposite of. I listened to everyone other than my own self. It wasn’t until I stopped pretending, risked losing everything, and began following what I truly believed in, that my life fell into place. I feel as though I owe my supportive followers both an update and an explanation. First, I am incredibly thankful for your kind words and respect. Many of you have been encouraging us to consider doing a “show.” The primary reason I have been avoidant in allowing my family to be filmed consistently (particularly when younger) is due to it’s potential deleterious effect on a child’s developmental process. Kids need to be kids. One or two documentaries per year is far less invasive than the day in day out, ongoing filming necessary for a docu-series or “reality” show; therefore, I exploited myself so I wouldn’t have to exploit my kids. Just this year many healthy opportunities have been presented to us, (there were no healthy opportunities open to octomom). I am grateful, though will be far more open to embracing other options (such as a docu-series) when my children are a little older and their sense of self is stronger and more mature. Documentaries (in countries other than our own, ironically) continue to be presented to us, which are incredible sources of supplemental income. I reflect daily on how blessed we all are; how God always provides; and remind myself to remain patient, as it is His timing not mine. #Blessed #Trust #Grateful

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Suleman opened up about her false persona which she continued to display due to financial "chains." She said she did and said what she was told, and pretended to be something she wasn't. 

Eventually, she stopped, and now Suleman is happy to be out of that situation. She's currently writing a book about her experience and, according to the New York Times, the kids are "model fourth graders."