Princess Diana’s Niece Lady Kitty Spencer Spotted with Her 60-Year-Old Millionaire Boyfriend Michael Lewis

Lady Kitty Spencer was seen leaving a hotel in New York City with her much older boyfriend, Michael Lewis; her dating history is quite interesting.

Lady Kitty Spencer is the niece to the late Princess Diana and has a close relationship with her cousins, Princes William and Harry, and by extension, the royal family.

Last August, "Daily Mail" reported that Spencer was in a relationship with the owner of "Whistles," a fashion line — Michael Lewis. The millionaire businessman is almost thrice the age of the 28-year-old Lady, and since they started their relationship, they have never gotten photographed together.

That changed recently when the two were spotted leaving the Mark Hotel in Manhattan, together — it was used by Meghan Markle early this year for her baby shower. 

Eugenia Garavani shared photos of the two walking out of the hotel on Instagram. According to "Daily Mail," the 60-year-old left first and waited for Spencer at the sidewalk; she came out when their taxi arrived, and they left immediately.

It seems the Lady who is tagged the "Naughty niece" in the UK is not keen on her relationship to be in the public eye. She rarely posts about it on social media, despite always sharing her party life and modeling gigs.

A Twitter user, Anthony Roy Raybould, believes the first daughter of Earl Spencer, is hiding her relationship because of criticisms from the public and asked that she should be left alone as "Love has no barrier."

This is not the first time the model is dating an older man. She was in a relationship with a real estate magnate, Nicolò Barattieri Di San Pietro, 48, for four years before they ended things in 2017. 

The lady once got linked with Richard Dennen, the editor of "Tatler" but their relationship was never confirmed, and there's not much to support that the two dated.

Lewis is a divorcee with three children who are all in their thirties, and he is six years older than Spencer's father — the Earl. The Earl is the younger brother of Princess Diana, and in 1997, after she died, he moved his family to South Africa to keep them away from the spotlight and enable his children to grow up in privacy.

Spencer studied psychology, politics, and English from the University of Cape Town, and later went for her Masters in luxury brand management at the Reagent University, London.

The lady took up modeling and has walked twice for Dolce and Gabbana. She is also involved in activism and works with "CenterPoint" and "Give Us Time." The former helps homeless young people, while the latter funds holidays for military families.

Despite her perceived party girl image, Spencer is a Lady through and through and is slowly making her mark in the fashion world.