Ellen DeGeneres Left in Awe of 9-Year-Old Aidan McCann's Impressive Tricks

Gracious Egedegbe
May 16, 2019
03:56 A.M.
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Kid magician, Aidan McCann performed some very mind-blowing tricks that left famous television host, Ellen DeGeneres and her audience in awe. 


9-year-old Irish Magician, Aidan McCann stole the hearts of many when he made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ television show. The young lad of Ireland’s Got Talent fame displayed his tricks to the amazement of everyone. 



The kid magician was welcomed to the show by Ellen, and she then welcomed him warmly, expressing delight in his videos which she had seen and also asking him if he liked LA. Aidan replied by saying that he loved the place and also enjoyed his flight, which lasted eleven hours.

He spoke about how much he loved his hotel, agreeing that it was the biggest hotel he had seen. He also said he enjoyed his walk of fame at the Hollywood sign.



Aidan started doing magic four years ago, starting with simple magical sets before going into card tricks. He, however, expressed regret in the fact that he could not perform some simple tricks due to his little hands, but Ellen comforted him, telling him that won’t last for long.

For his tricks, Aidan brought a deck of cards, a blank DVD, with a blank DVD case, and some movie tickets that included his favorite movies such as "The Incredibles," "Finding Dory," "Titanic," etc. First off, he split the cards, stopping at Ellen’s prompting, and placed one card on the table for Ellen, saying he would get back to it later.


He asked Ellen to sign the blank DVD and then put it back on the table in its case. After that, he took out “The Incredibles” movie ticket from his pack of tickets and asked the audience how it would be if the blank DVD turned into “The Incredibles” DVD, and to everyone’s amazement, the disc became that of “The Incredibles.”

It didn’t stop there either as the blank DVD case changed into “The Incredibles” as well, leaving Ellen amazed. Not to forget the card dropped on the table, Aidan asked Ellen to pick the card and show the audience her choice. He then asked to read her mind to decipher her choice.

When his mind-reading act was done, he drew her card choice on his mother’s notebook, but Ellen said it wasn’t her choice, and to everyone’s amazement Aidan magically moved a card from underneath the one he drew on the note to reveal Ellen’s choice of card, leaving all in awe. 



Ellen asked the young Aidan who his favorite magician is, he replied saying Shane Lim, and she played a video in which Shane invited Aidan to be a special guest at one of his shows in Las Vegas.

To Aidan’s surprise, Ellen handed him a special invitation. After surprising everyone with his tricks, it was only right for him to get surprised as well.