May 18, 2019

Lady Gaga Slams Alabama's Anti-Abortion Law

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On Wednesday, singer and actress Lady Gaga shared her opinions on the anti-abortion law in Alabama. In a Twitter post, she noted how the new law was a “travesty.”

On Tuesday, Alabama passed an anti-abortion bill and it was signed into power the following day. The new law was passed 25-6 in Alabama’s Republican-led Senate.

The bill aims to nearly totally ban abortion in the state. Doctors who perform abortions in the state could receive up to 99 years in prison.


The only exceptions allowed by the bill were when it’s done “to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother,” for ectopic pregnancy, and if the “unborn child has a lethal anomaly.” Democrats in the state failed to re-introduce an amendment to exempt rape and incest victims by 11-22.

"It excludes those who have been raped or are experiencing incest non-consensual." 

Lady Gaga was one of the many stars who took to social media to condemn the bill. She wrote a post stating: “I love you Alabama prayers to all women and young girls here are my thoughts” and added her statement below.


Her statement read

“It is an outrage to ban abortion in Alabama period, and all the more heinous that it excludes those who have been raped or are experiencing incest non-consensual or not. So there’s a higher penalty for doctors who perform these operations than for most rapists? This is a travesty and I pray for all these women and young girls who suffer at the hands of this system.”

Lady Gaga included the hashtags: “#AlabamaAbortionBan #Alabama #AlabamaSenate #NoUterusNoOpinion #PlannedParenthood #ProChoice,” to her main caption. Alabama was the latest state to enforce restrictive abortion bills.


Last week, Georgia passed a law that would ban abortions if a fetal heartbeat could be detected. Ohio and Mississippi also passed similar legislation.

Other public figures who have spoken against these bills were Janelle Monae, Chelsea Peretti, John Legend, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Legend’s tweet read: “These statehouses are waging all-out war on women and their right to control their reproductive decisions. This is awful.”


Busy Philipps, an actress, and talk show host, recently shared about having an abortion when she was 15. She encouraged other women who’ve had abortions to share their stories in the hopes that they could affect anti-abortion legislation.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey was the one who signed the ban. Phillipps believed that opening up about abortion could help end the shame that is often associated with the procedure.

The Alabama bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Terry Collins (R), had this to say after the vote:

"This bill is about challenging Roe v. Wade and protecting the lives of the unborn, because an unborn baby is a person who deserves love and protection."