May 17, 2019

Man Who Wondered If It’s Okay to Evict His Pregnant Wife Caused a Heated Dispute among Strangers

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One man took to the internet to help him decide if he should kick out his pregnant wife who insulted his cooking and then left him none. 

Most people are aware that the effects of pregnancy on one's hormones tend to drive a woman crazy to various degrees. However, it's typically not a valid excuse to be abusive to one's spouse. 

So when one man described how badly his pregnant wife was treating him, people came to his defense − even when he wanted to kick her out. Excerpts from the post are found below. 

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The man described how he is expecting a daughter with his current wife, who has started to act "like a nut job." His wife is often angry, very irritable, and regularly insults him. 

He cooks for her, but the wife says that the food tastes horrible. She then eats all of it, leaving nothing for her husband because she's hungry. So far, the man has not argued with his wife. 

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The breaking point came when his wife used a friend to flirt with her husband at the gym, where the man bluntly told the woman he was married. When he came home, his wife apologized for testing his loyalty. 

He wrote:

"I'm really pissed. I'm done with her antics. WIBTA (would I be the [expletive]) if I ask her to move out? Edit: I don't live in the USA. Please don't discuss legalities based on the law there." 

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While many didn't outright tell the man to kick his wife out, they supported his attitude. Someone with username gdddg compared the genders, saying

"Yup. If a guy becomes super angry and yells/throw things, he cannot blame it on testosterone. Same goes here. Some leeway for moodiness is certainly allowed, but she is being emotionally abusive."

One person with the username MyMorningSon gave their input: 

"I really don't get it when people give women a pass for being pregnant/PMSing/whatever. Hormones are a [expletive] but at the end of the day, you and you alone dictate your behavior. Not to mention how patronizing it is, with the implication that women are too feeble-minded, over-emotional or hormone-addled to act like sane human beings. How nice."


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A woman, username discombobulationgirl, who had been through pregnancy did not let the woman slide: 


"I've been pregnant 5 times. I've put my husband through the damn wringer and gone all kinds of crazy. This is a WHOLE different level. This is not some petty insecurity. All women are insecure at some point in their relationships and most of us are very insecure at some point in pregnancy- but I'd say less than 5% do this kind of [expletive]. OP needs to re-evaluate his relationship and seek some help from a marriage counselor and a lawyer."

RidleyAterKirby was quite decisive in his opinion, saying that "asking her to leave I think should be the bare minimum here." It seemed quite drastic as the first step to many, but this guy had no mercy.

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On the other hand, there were many people who stuck to the argument of hormonal imbalances and disorders that might be exasperated by pregnancy. They also pointed to the man's 80-hour work week as a factor.

Username rampagingllama said

"Definitely agree. I think just reading the guy’s perspective it’s easy to write the wife off as crazy and tell OP to kick her out. But as someone who’s dated a guy who works crazy long hours, even though he has good intentions, it’s easy to start to feel really lonely and neglected." 

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The person continued: 

"And those negative emotions can really make you act out in ways you wouldn’t otherwise. In her case, it’s further compounded by pregnancy hormones/insecurities. They should definitely start with counseling."

It looks like persons on both sides of the argument might agree that counseling would do the couple well. At the very least, the man should probably talk to his wife about the situation and not hold it all in. 

Another husband handled falling sick during his wife's pregnancy quite badly, though. Thankfully, Sydney Waters found the situation hilarious, even throughout her own morning sickness. 


Woman puking in a toilet | Photo: Shutterstock

Sharing her story online, Waters described how her husband would be "completely useless for a solid week if he so much as sneezes." Back in 2014 when he got the flu, he even asked his wife to call 911. 

When she did, Waters' husband got better so fast, the whole thing made her consider getting a divorce. On the ride home, the man acted like nothing happened. Rightfully, Water called him a "big baby."