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Bruce Willis Throws Bad First Pitch at a Phillies Game

Pedro Marrero
May 17, 2019
04:48 A.M.
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One would think that the surprise appearance of a widely known Hollywood star in a baseball game will be exciting for those present, but the crowd in a recent sports match didn’t react well when Bruce Willis showed up.


64-year-old actor Bruce Willis might be used to the praise and admiration of the fans of his many movies, but when he appeared at a recent game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers, he faced a tough crowd.

On May 15, the “Glass” star walked into the field wearing a Phillies jersey with the number 19 and his last name on it to throw the first pitch to the team’s pitcher Aaron Nola.


But either Willis wasn’t in the best shape or he just wasn’t much into it as he threw a really weak ball to Nola, bouncing before the baseball player catch it with no effort.

As a result of the unskilled throw by the legendary action hero, the crowd didn’t shy away from expressing their disappointment for Willis’ poor attempt at pitching by booing at him.


Willis also took some time practicing batting with coach Dusty Wathan. “I just like to hit the ball. I just like the noise. I grew up with the Phillies,” the “Die Hard” star told Associated Press.

The actor also spent time with some of the team’s player and manager Gabe Kapler, and the issue of whether or not “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie or not was discussed, with Kapler maintaining that it wasn’t.


After the video of Willis throwing the ball and allegedly been booed by the crowd surfaced on social media, the actor’s 40-year-old wife Emma tried to clarify that they were actually shouting his name.

“Thank you, Kevin. Happy someone cleared that up,” the model and actress replied to a tweet by a fan who claimed, “They were saying ‘Bruuuuuce.’”


CBS Philly 5 also shared a video of Willis practicing some batting, and they came to the conclusion that he certainly wasn’t meant to be a baseball player. “Maybe Willis should stick to acting,” they teased.

But not every movie actor is so bad at baseball, as Zach Galifianakis proved in 2012 when he threw the first pitch to the Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster before sharing some pizza with him and fellow comedian Will Ferrell.

Another famous comedian and actor was also invited to throw the first pitch by the Chicago Cubs in 2012. That year in April, Bill Murray threw out a fairly decent pitch, but he had made sure to win the audience prior to it by hilariously running the bases.