Kendra & Joseph Duggar Get Blasted for a Comment about Their Son Being 'Such a Boy'

Gracious Egedegbe
May 18, 2019
09:52 A.M.
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Reality show stars Kendra and Joseph Duggar on the 10th of May shared adorable pictures of their 11-months old baby on Instagram, but some of the comments that trailed the caption left a sour feeling.


The "Counting On" stars had announced in April 2017 that they were expecting their second child.


Kendra posted on Instagram:

“We’re having a son! I’m especially excited to develop a mother son relationship with my little man. We’re so excited to step into this new stage in life. Pray for us for a safe delivery and healthy baby.”  

Cute Garrett arrived on the 8th of June, and fans across the world were more than excited for the couple who married in 2017.

Speaking on his arrival, Kendra shared her excitement on the birth of little Garrett in a joint statement on the Duggar family website.


The pictures uploaded on Instagram showed the toddler sitting on the porch all focused on playing with a twig.

While many positive reactions and comments were made concerning the photos, some fans came heavily with criticism concerning the caption of the post that read:

“He’s such a boy.  Some of his favorite toys are found outside. That little twig entertained him for longer than his toys normally do!"


Fans involved in discussing gender stereotypes were quick to come at the couple, questioning why they are apparently “forcing” gender on the baby.

Some of the fans also found the comment “such a boy” to be gender biased, talking about the social construct and how the caption seems to assume that girls cannot have fun with nature.

A user, @lexiressom commented:

"All kids do this. There is literally no difference in boys and girls personalities as infants and toddlers. You’re just pushing this onto your kids like it was pushed onto you. So destructive for children who don’t fit those moulds."


Another, @bagleyk14, commented:

"Liking outside things is not a “boy” thing, it’s a thing that lots of kids of all genders like. Why do folks have to so aggressively gender their children? It only does damage by forcing kids into restrictive boxes."


While the criticism went on, several fans came to the couple's defense on Instagram.A user, @cdrodgers75, commented:

"And..... cue the millennials! Good grief, everyone knows what the statement “such a boy” means. Same with “such a girl.” In case you didn’t already know boys and girls have different chromosomes and that cannot be changed. No matter how hard you try to make them genderless. this world is so freakin’ messed up."

The couple appears not to be too worried though as they've not commented on the issue, but one thing is sure, baby Garrett is adorable.