Joe Jackson's 'Cousin' Who Claimed He Was Offered $200k to Lie About MJ Died Suddenly

Ron Newt, the man who once revealed that he got offered a considerable amount of money to ruin Michael Jackson's image, died mysteriously, and foul play is suspected.

Ron Newt was a known gangster involved in illegal businesses like narcotics and pimping, before cleaning up his act and going into the music business as a manager. He was also the cousin of Joe Jackson, the father of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Ron Newt, Joe Jackson's Cousin, in a interview with "Vlad." | Photo: YouTube/ djvlad.

Ron Newt, Joe Jackson's Cousin, in a interview with "Vlad." | Photo: YouTube/ djvlad.

THE $200,000 BRIBE

In a 2016 interview with "Vlad TV," Newt revealed that he discovered the family tie with the father of the "Jackson Five" while they were working together at Jackson Records; his sons "The Newtrons" whom he managed, were signed to the label.

In that same interview, he spoke on becoming close with Joe and forming a friendship with the late King of Pop. The two were so close that during the height of Michael's child molestation accusations, he got a proposal to damage his image.

Newt revealed that he got offered $200,000 by the "National Inquirer" to lie that his sons got molested by the singer. He informed the news outlet that the offer came at a time he just returned from prison, but he told them no, even after they made it known that the check was ready and a contract drawn up.


Three years after that interview, the music manager, was getting ready to defend his friend once again and reveal some truth after "HBO" premiered "Leaving Neverland"—the documentary where Wade Robson and James Safechuck accused Michael of abusing them as children.

Ron Newt, Joe Jackson's Cousin, in a interview with "Vlad." | Photo: YouTube/ djvlad.

Ron Newt, Joe Jackson's Cousin, in a interview with "Vlad." | Photo: YouTube/ djvlad.

However, days before Newt told "his truth," he was found dead at his San Francisco home on March 11; he was 69. The cause of death was listed as "Unknown" leaving room for speculation that foul play might be involved.

The narrative comes from the belief that whatever he was to reveal would affect the credibility of the documentary, and Newt got silenced before he could save Michael's legacy. However, there is no evidence to support this claim, so it remains nothing but speculation.


Despite the death of Newt, many continue to defend the late singer. After the premiere of the documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, fans of the "Thriller" singer held a protest at a screening at a theater in Utah.

Michael's family — his cousins, Taj and Brandi Jackson — defended him in their 30 minutes documentary "Neverland Firsthand." Taj said his uncle was a victim of his "niceness" while Brandi accused Robson of being an opportunist who used the singer to get ahead.

Scott Ross, who once served as Michael's legal team private investigator in the 2006 trial said Robson didn't change his testimony under cross-examination at the time because he was telling the truth.

Whatever the truth is, it is still elusive and went with Newt to his grave, and just as the cause of his death is unknown, the world will never know what he had to say about "Leaving Neverland."