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Man Goes to the Doctor and Finds out He's Only Got One Week to Live

Odette Odendaal
May 20, 2019
06:19 P.M.
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Humor adds color to any situation, and in today’s joke of the day, one man found out how thin the line between perception and reality can be.


One day George goes for a routine physical, and afterward, his doctor calls him into his office to discuss the results.

After both got comfortably seated, George’s doctor gave him the sad news. “Unfortunately, there is no easy way to say this, George, but you have only one week left to live.”

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Shocked by the unexpected news, they both sit in silence for a short while before George asks, “What can I do to live a little bit longer? Although I don’t have much to get in order, I would like to do a few things before I die.”

Understanding of George’s dire situation, the doctor nods and says, “Ok then, do you eat fried and greasy foods?”

“Yes,” George replies, but the doctor shakes his head and adds, “Stop doing that.”

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George reluctantly agrees, and the doctor launches into his next question, “Do you drink sodas and eat fast food?”

The nod from George prompts disapproval from the doctor as he says, “Well, you will have to stop doing that.” With a sigh, George responds, “Ok, if it allows me to live longer, sure.”

Next, the doctor asked George whether he went to bed late at night, which he did, for the most part, so the doctor told him to put an end to that habit as well.

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With George starting to feel discouraged by the “not-to-do” list, the doctor asks his next question, “George, do you smoke and drink?”

“Yes, I do.” George answers but his fears are confirmed as the doctor replies, “Stop doing that.”

With a heavy heart, George agrees, “Well, I guess if it means living longer.”

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Still making his way down the list, the doctor asks George, “Do you have sex often?” With a smile, George replies, “Yes, a lot.”

But the smile soon wipes from his face as the doctor says, “Well, stop doing that too.” Before the doctor gets to his next question, George interjects and asks, “Ok, doctor, but you didn’t tell me; if I do all the things you told me to do, how much longer will I live?”

The doctor replies, "You'll still only live a week… but it will seem like a decade."

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