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Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu: Here's Why They Had an 8-Minute Wedding

Rebelander Basilan
May 21, 2019
03:36 A.M.
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The real story behind Elvis and Priscilla Presley's 8-minute wedding, which stayed a standout amongst the most discussed affairs of the twentieth century.


Priscilla and Elvis, who initially met in 1959, got married in 1967, in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel. Arranged by Elvis’s talent manager, Colonel Parker, the ceremony was 8 minutes long and was believed to have been something to maximize the publicity of the legendary vocalist.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley at the Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas | Photo: Getty Images


Soon after the wedding, Priscilla found out she was pregnant.

Very few visitors were given entry, and even some that had been invited by Elvis were not permitted in for the ceremony itself.

A public interview was quickly held after the rushed wedding, followed by a morning meal gathering that cost $10,000, attended by loved ones.

Elvis Presley posing for a studio portrait | Photo: Getty Images


Additionally, business associates from RCA and MGM were invited, and obviously, individuals from the William Morris Agency.

After the reception, Priscilla and Elvis boarded a private jet and went to Palm Springs for a short honeymoon. The two were back in Memphis by May 4 and on retreat at their ranch for a three-week break.

A portion of Elvis's inner circle went along with them, but generally, the couple was left alone to enjoy each other’s company without the interruption of the media.

Priscilla Presley at Universal Hilton Hotel on February 08, 2019 in Universal City, California | Photo: Getty Images


On May 29, the couple held a reception at Graceland for the loved ones who didn't attend the ceremony on May 1.

Soon after the wedding, Priscilla found out she was pregnant. Nine months later, the pair welcomed their only daughter, Lisa Marie.

In 1973, the King of Rock 'n' Roll filed for divorce, and they agreed to share custody of their daughter.


Shortly before the release of an HBO documentary about Elvis' life and death a year ago, Priscilla talked about the depths of addiction of her late ex-husband, who passed away in 1977. According to her, the singer "knew what he was doing."

Priscilla disclosed that many people close to Elvis had attempted to wean him off drugs, but that his addiction ran far too deep for any of them to reach him in time.

Priscilla remained the main beneficiary at his death and has since turned Graceland into one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States.