How Sherri Shepherd's Year of No-Sugar Diet Impacted Her Health After Diabetes Diagnosis

Sherri Shepherd has become the perfect picture of health following her terrible battle with Diabetes. Here's how she conquered the long term disease. 

In 2007, doctors diagnosed the “Less Than Perfect” actress with type 2 diabetes, and it posed a great danger to her well being. She lived on metformin, a drug commonly prescribed to diabetic patients.  

Just recently, the star excitedly took to Instagram to share proof of how a no-sugar diet worked miraculously to improve her health. 


The award-winning actress gushed about the drastic changes to her followers in a short video clip. The 52-year-old was all about celebrating and gave her testimony saying:

“The doctor excitedly said "OHMYGOD what did you do? ‘You’re not even prediabetic!”

Barely able to contain her excitement, Shepherd went on to send out an inspirational message:

“I feel so good I could scream. Just want to encourage you that this can be done. You have people who love you and need you to be here. Live for you! Live for them!”

Sherri Shepherd, who has a longtime family history of diabetes, started the sugar-free keto diet as far back as March 2018 and it turned out to be the golden plan. The mother of two couldn't wait to show off the new her and posted before and after pictures that clearly show her dramatic weight loss. 

In a “People” report, Shepherd explained that her A1C test levels have improved to 5.4%. That is a very positive result as A1C test results that are 6.5% and above indicate diabetes while that ranging between 5.7 and 6.4% are considered prediabetic, thus making the famous actress nondiabetic! 


Her joyous demeanor taking to the social media platform to share her story is no wonder. Beaming with happiness, she implored fans who are diabetic like she had been to keep on working hard to fight the debilitating disease. 

“You can take this journey to health. Who are you living for? Who needs you here? When my son asked, "Mommy if you die who’s going to be my bodyguard?" I knew I had to make lifestyle changes, or I would die,” Shepherd said.

The video clip also has her pointing out how dangerous diabetes can be stressing that her mother and aunt died from complications of the disease. Shepherd, who was once a “View” co-host,  went on to explain that her strictly keeping to a keto diet was the one way she lost over 30 lbs. 

Health they say is wealth and going by her animated display showing off her healthy self; Shepherd is well aware.