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Meghan McCain Appears Fed up with Her Co-Hosts During 'The View' Debate (Video)

Gracious Egedegbe
May 23, 2019
03:52 A.M.
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Meghan McCain's co-hosts pushed her to the edge during a hot topic segment on "The View," and she got fed up, leaving the conversation to them.


Meghan McCain is not a stranger to controversial topics on the daytime show "The View," and she usually stands alone on her views. However, on Tuesday's episode of the show, during the "Hot Topic" segment, things became a bit too much for her.


The ladies started the conversation discussing President Trump's investigation into Russia and how he instructed the former counsel to the White House, Don McGahn, not to obey the subpoena issued to him by Congress.

McCain tried to defend the President's views and brought in the voters' perspective, which Joy Behar, jumped on. Behar said she likes the fact that her co-host brought in the President’s voters, but would not let the younger woman continue.


McCain feeling like she was getting shut down said she feels her opinions are unpopular, but she wants to talk about things that are important like the rally the President had on Monday at Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

In a video posted on YouTube, Whoopi Goldberg took up from there saying she does not understand why people still support Trump, because to do so is to support the idea that “The law is no longer the law.”


Behar, jumped in again, asking McCain if she'll like a Democrat to win. However, she didn't let her respond, as she kept butting in. No longer able to stand it, the younger woman got fed up and declared,

"I'm not changing your minds this morning, I've said all I have to say."

After this declaration, she didn't take part in the rest of the discussion.

Earlier in the show, the Republican had a heated exchange with Behar, after the older woman said that all Republicans should go to jail. Although she said it was hyperbole, the younger woman was unpacified saying it was too aggressive.


McCain was also the "Odd-host" out on Monday during another hot topic discussion. This time, it was not on politics but about the series finale of the "HBO" show "Game of Thrones."

The television personality revealed who took the iron throne to the dismay of her viewers and her co-host, Sunny Hostin, who is just in season four.

Although McCain later apologized, it turned out she was not so sorry; she informed the fans that the spoilers are all over the internet, and she believed that every "Die-hard" fan of the show had seen the finale.