Student Embarrasses Teacher by Snatching Wig off Her Head in Front of the Class (Video)

A class was cut short after the teacher was left stunned in front of her entire class when a student ripped off her wig. 

The school where the incident occurred has been identified as LeFlore High School in Alabama, where an out-of-control student went so far as to rip the wig off of his teacher's head. 

In what seemed to be an argument between the teacher and the boy, the teacher refused to back down and asks the boy to sit back down. It is unclear what the student said in response, as his classmates laughed in the background. 

After a while, the teacher headed back towards her desk, but she didn't notice the boy following her. He then snatched the wig from her head and waves it in front of his classmates. His classmates, amused, watched as he runs between their desks. 

The boy even danced in front of his classmates as the teacher tried to grab it back, however, he ran out of the classroom. 

Social Media Outrage

People on social media were left divided about the video. While some said it was hilarious, most said that it was plain disrespect. Many have called out his outrageous behavior and asked for him to be expelled.

LeFlore High School has not spoken about the traumatizing incident for the teacher, nor has she been identified. Social media users are now speculating what happened to the student in question, assuming he was properly sanctioned for what he's done. 

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