Crooklyn' Actor Chris Knowings Looks Great at 39 & Is Part of 'Sesame Street' Cast

Knowings kicked off his acting career in 1994 when he landed the “Nate Carmichael” role in Spike Lee’s semi-autobiographical movie, “Crooklyn.” He is famous for his role in “Taina,” an American sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon in 2001.

Chris Knowings was born Christopher Lawrence Knowings in New York City. He was born a twin and his sister, Christy knowings is also into show business. Chris studied Electrical Engineering at Brooklyn Technical High School in New York.

Knowings was only 13 when he started his on-screen profession. The actor has starred in several movies such as “New York Undercover,” “Law and Order,” “100 Center Street,” “Nature Cat” and “Kevin can Wait,” among others.

He joined the cast of the popular children TV series, “Sesame Street,” in 2007 as Chris Robinson, a human character. In 2009 and 2010, Chris received nominations from the "Daytime Emmy Awards" for the category of “Outstanding Performer in a Children series” concerning his role in the acclaimed puppet show, “Sesame Street.” The entertainer has reportedly kept a clean slate despite his celebrity status.


The educational children TV series has aired since 1969 and continues to serve its purpose in the lives of kids. Some things don’t last forever, and “Sesame Street” has proven this as it dropped three longtime human characters

Emilio Delgado, Bob McGrath, and Roscoe Orman said goodbye to the show a year after Sesame Workshop teamed up with HBO on new productions of the TV series. While “The Muppetcast podcast announced the exit of the three actors, McGrath also spoke on the development in a question and answer session at Florida Supercon.

“As of this season, I have completed my 45th season this year, and the show has gone under a major turnaround, going from an hour to a half-hour. HBO has gotten involved also. And they let all of the original cast members go,” Bob said before going on to mention that some human characters such as Chris Knowings, Alan Muraoka and Loretta Long were retained.


“Sesame Street’s” official "Twitter" page also confirmed the news as a statement of appreciation was released in honor of their former cast members. Referring to the three actors as “a treasured part of Sesame Street,” the statement explained that the show makes efforts to modify characters to meet the changing educational needs of kids.

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