Anita Singleton Given a Car Thanks to Police Officer Bradley Peck Who Saw Her Walking 6 Miles to Work

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 24, 2019
08:50 P.M.
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A Louisiana woman was given a ride to work one day by a kind officer. When he shared the story online, the woman's life changed dramatically. 


Anita Singleton, 52, was walking on a narrow bridge over some train tracks as she headed to work one morning. She does this at least once a week, ignoring the dangers of that small section of her journey to work. 

Singleton has been a Walmart employee for three years now. When Sidell Officer Bradley Peck saw her walking on Monday morning, he offered to give her a ride. He figured she was headed to the closest Walmart. 

Instead, Singleton told him she was on her way to the Northshore Boulevard Walmart which was six miles away. Peck and Singleton, an older woman, chatted the entire way to the store. 


The officer decided to share Singleton's story, hoping it would inspire close friends and family to show gratitude for what they had. Singleton considered her job a blessing and was not deterred by the walking.

The story went viral, and soon caught the attention of Matt Bowers, a local car dealer. He wanted to do something to help. "If someone can track this lady down I will give her something to drive," he commented on the post.

A couple of days later, Peck showed up at Singleton's place of work and asked her to take another ride with him. Now familiar with the officer, Singleton went without asking any questions. 


She arrived at Bowers' dealership and when she was told he was giving her a new car, she almost didn't have the words. "Really?!" she asked. She stepped up to receive her blessings. 

In a short speech, Peck said that "if we can all just model our work ethic after Ms. Anita, I think our employees and bosses would be happy." Yet there was a bigger reward in store for the kind-hearted woman. 


Bowers revealed: 

“I made the decision that it was the right thing to do on behalf of the community to give Anita Singleton a car – and car insurance and pay for the tax and registration so she can spend more time with her friends and family instead of spending it walking to work each day.”

What a relief to know that so many expenses would be covered. Singleton went up to the podium and said she was "deeply grateful for the good Lord to send Officer Peck to pick me up the other morning." 


She also thanked Bowers and his dealership before again thanking God. Bowers actually gave Singleton two options, a white Chevrolet Captiva or a red Traverse. Singleton chose the white one. 

She was happy to have more time with her grandchildren when she's not at Walmart enjoying her job. She will have to get used to the driving scene once again, but soon enough she'll be able to sleep in a little longer. 


Back in August 2018, another deserving woman was gifted a car for being a wonderful teacher to one parent's child In Alabama, Courtney Adeleye heard that her daughter's teacher was in a tough financial spot. 

Never having owned a car, the woman had to rely on rides or take multiple buses to arrive at work. Adeleye's husband informed her of the situation and suggested she do something to help. 

"Say no more!" Adeleye responded. She arrived soon after and revealed a brand new car to the teacher. The woman cried up and thanked Adeleye repeatedly. The heartwarming story went viral for all the right reasons.