Meghan McCain Says She Doesn’t Care about Being the ‘Big Bad Republican’ on ‘The View’

The daughter of late Senator John McCain shared that she has no fear of being labeled a bad person because of her Republican views.

The host of ABC’s “View” was referred to as the “most combative questioner” on the show by the New York Times Magazine on a piece it published based on her interview.

During the same interview, McCain decided to open up about why she will not hold back on asserting her Republican views out of fear.

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“I think some people feel the pressure, not just here but on TV in general, when they’re Republicans in front of a liberal audience, to not be the big bad Republican,” she stated.

McCain further asserted that those issues are not her concerns because she is more focused on being true to herself rather than pandering to the interest of her audience.

The piece written by Amanda FitzSimons also called McCain a type of person who “presses buttons for a certain kind of liberal who finds her views the apotheosis of white privilege.”

It was also mentioned that McCain is quite used to losing her composure and also using the name of her father, John McCain, too often.

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However, McCain also defended her strong-headed attitude and opinions on the show. She insisted that the nature of the show demands her to be outspoken.

She told FitzSimons, “The Trump years make everything more heated and more intense. I am not here to do cooking segments.”

Previously, she also opened up about being “grateful” that Donald Trump is the President of the US.

Earlier this week, McCain took to Twitter to express her determination in remaining vocal about her Republican views.

Sharing an article related to how media was trying to ‘belittle’ her, McCain tweeted, “I realize my mere existence triggers the left. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Even with a target on my back…”

A few weeks ago, celebrity Howard Stern also spoke up in McCain’s defence while making a guest appearance on “The View.”

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Lending his support for the controversial host, he told McCain that he felt bad for her and requested everyone to “give the woman a chance.” 

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