What Rihanna Did for SZA After Alleged Racial Profiling Incident at Sephora

Rihanna reached out to SZA who was at the center of a racial profiling incident involving her beauty line. The Fenty Beauty founder tried to appease her with a thoughtful gesture.

Just a few weeks after singer SZA called out a Sephora employee for racially profiling her, Rihanna responded with a peace offering. 

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SZA hit headlines earlier this month when she took to Twitter and accused an employee at a Sephora store in Calabasas of suspecting she was a thief because she was Black. While shopping in the store for Fenty Beauty products owned by Rihanna, the employee she referred to as Sandy Sephora in her tweet kept following her around and at one point called security on her. 

The singer added that she “had a long talk” with them before sending a second tweet that read

“Can a b*** cop her fenty in peace or whut.”

Her tweets gained mileage and soon earned a lot of bad reviews for Sephora on its Google page. It got to a point where the company was forced to remove the "Review" section of the page. 


Rihanna must have gotten wind of the incident and found a way to reach SZA who in turn shared in her Instagram story that the A-list star indeed tried to make amends. She posted a photo of a card the singer sent enclosing what is suggested by the message as a gift certificate from the beauty line.  

“Go buy yo Fenty Beauty in peace sis!” the handwritten note indicated. It was signed, “one love – Rihanna.”

It’s safe to assume with Rihanna’s history of defending others in the past, she gave SZA an amount worthy of her trouble and even more. SZA expressed her thanks in her caption and added a few tear emojis.


This is not the first time Rihanna stepped in to ease a person’s distress. Last year, she assisted one of her Fenty makeup artists, Priscilla Ono in finding her luggage lost by an airline. After the stylist took to social media to air her frustration over the airline’s lack of assistance, Rihanna merely replied, “Got you girl,” and contacted the airline publicly. The company immediately responded claiming they found the lost luggage and delivered it to the makeup artist. 


Rihanna also has a soft spot for her fans especially those battling with sickness.  When one of them died of cancer, she expressed her heartbreak in a tribute on her Instagram. The singer had been in touch with her fan who updated her of her condition. And when she died, she remembered her as a “beautiful spirit” who was a “pillar of strength.”

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