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DACA Recipient Luis Rivera Plans to Enter Harvard Medical School after College Graduation

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 28, 2019
08:38 P.M.

A dreamer baby is making his way to Harvard Medical School after coming into the country alongside his hopeful mother.


According to ABC 7, Luis Rivera was two years old when his mother and his stepfather entered Concord and began their new life in America.

Rivera was like any other average child, he found the idea of success unlikely. His mother encouraged him to go to college, however.

She insisted he would be a doctor by studying at Harvard, no less. Rivera reportedly said:


"My mom would always say when you grow up you're going to Harvard. I was always pushing it aside and saying oh sure, not going to happen, but ha, ha."

It's hard to say if Rivera would have even tried for Harvard had his mother not been pushing him. He definitely would not have been able to live here had he not been a DACA recipient.

With Trump's new measures in place, the possibility of becoming a "Dreamer" are now slim to none for many. Rivera volunteered to help others who might not be so lucky.

"I guess now in this whole anti-immigrant environment that we live in, I decided I wanted to do something during my gap year that was going to be meaningful."


He counseled immigrant students during 2018 after graduating from UC Berkeley. In that time, he also applied for universities, and he waited.

And one day, he got the call. He had been accepted into Harvard. Rivera made the next most important call that day to his mom. She was working as a house cleaner.

He described their conversation:

"I think I'm going to go to Harvard and she said, 'hey I'm scrubbing toilets right now, but I'm really glad that you are deciding to do that.' It was a very bittersweet moment to hear that."

The news outlet claims that Rivera is just one-half of only two dreamers who got accepted into Harvard for the upcoming year. So far, he's got the right attitude for the new challenge.

"I was like, 'Okay, let's do this.' " he finished the emotional interview. We wish him well at Harvard and look to hearing from "Dr. Rivera" in the future.


Another young immigrant is making the most of his federal diversity visa. Coincidentally, he's also just finished up at UC Berkeley, where he received a B.A in psychology.

Lelisa Bera, aged 32, is a bit older than typical graduates. It means, however, he has a longer and richer history. "I walked every school day, which means three hours total. But, what makes it difficult was walking barefoot."

Bera was raised in Ethiopia where he grew up in a small village. Upon traveling to Los Angeles, he was amazed at the many cars and the crowded city.

The Ethiopian community in Los Angeles did him well, supporting him when he first applied to the University. He spoke with ABC 7 on May 22, one day before his graduation.

He said, "Tomorrow is the day that I have been working for my entire life." As the oldest of six children, Bera left his parents behind in Ethiopia, where they continue to work as farmers.


From all the way over there, Bera's parents are thrilled for him. He said:

"I tell her, 'hey Mom, it's UC Berkeley, one of the best universities in the world!' She goes like, 'okay son.' They are happy that I'm at university. I'm also graduating with a degree from America, that's a thing!"

Bera will visit his family before looking to grad school. Meanwhile, a popular star has made her way into Harvard Business School as she continues to make hits for fans.

Ciara just announced that she was accepted into Harvard, mere days after releasing her seventh album, "Beauty Marks." In line with her personal success in the industry, she will be pursuing the Entertainment, Media, and Sports program.

We wish all the students well as they continue to reach for the stars, whether it's at Harvard, another Ivy League school, or anywhere else.

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