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Man Comes to a Restaurant and Sees All the Waiting Staff Carrying Spoons Around

Odette Odendaal
May 28, 2019
04:13 P.M.
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Sometimes it is better not to have clarity about some situations, as one man found out in today’s joke of the day when a waiter gave him too much information.


A man went to a restaurant after a meeting to get an early dinner but soon noticed that all the waiting staff carried spoons around.

A waiter polishing a spoon. | Source: Shutterstock.


Perplexed by the unusual sight, he called his waiter over and asked, “Excuse me, but why do all the staff members walk around with a spoon in their pocket?”

“Well,” the waiter replied, “We have a new manager, and she is a very time efficient woman. Through years of data analysis, she found the spoon to be the most common eating utensil that customers drop, so we carry a spoon to avoid wasting time in fetching a new one.”

A female restaurant manager working on a laptop. | Source: Shutterstock.


While the waiter explained, the man noticed that he had a string hanging from his zipper. The man looked around and saw that all the waiting staff had the same string attached to their zippers.

Before the waiter left to attend to other customers, the man asked once more, “Excuse me, but why do all the staff members have a piece of string attached to their zipper?”

“Because our new manager is focused on time efficiency, she found out that in a single night, a waiter will waste 15 minutes cleaning their hands after using the bathroom. So we use the string to avoid using our hands.”

A closeup of a zipper with string detail. | Source: Shutterstock.


Impressed by the new manager’s efficiency, one thing still puzzled the man and decided to ask the waiter for clarity. “That is very impressive, but how do you put it back in and zip up after?”

“I don’t know what all the other waiters do,” the waiter replied. “But I use the spoon.”

A young man laughing out loud. | Source: Shutterstock.


Similarly, a waiter in Spain told an American tourist much more about his meal than the needed to know.

After a long day of sightseeing, an American tourist stopped at a local Spanish restaurant. While sipping on his sangria, the tourist noticed an enticing platter being served at the table next to him.

As the waiter passed, the tourist stopped him and asked, “What is it that you just served at the next table?”

Spanish women dancing the flamenco. | Source: Shutterstock.


“Ah, you have excellent taste, senor!” the waiter replied. “Those are bull testicles from the bull fight this morning. A delicacy!”

While the answer momentarily caught the tourist by surprise, he said, “Oh why not, I’m on vacation, bring me an order please!”

The waiter shook his head and replied, “I’m so sorry, senor. But there is only one serving per day because there is only one bull fight each morning. If you come early tomorrow morning and place your order, we will be sure to save you this delicacy!”

A Spanish bull fight. | Source: Shutterstock.


The next morning early, the tourist returned to place his order. That evening he smiled from ear to ear as he sat with the only special delicacy for the day in front of him.

He took a few bites, and after careful inspection of the contents of the platter, he decided to call over the waiter and said. “These are delicious, but they are much, much smaller than the ones I saw you serve yesterday!”

The waiter shrugged and replied, “Si, senor. Sometimes the bull wins.”

A young woman laughing out loud. | Source: Shutterstock

Being in the service industry is not always easy, but at least it provides many humorous situations.

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