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Gabrielle Union & Julianne Hough Becoming Judges Sparks a Reaction from 'America's Got Talent' Fans

Joe Akins
May 29, 2019
09:59 A.M.
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“America’s Got Talent” welcomed two new judges, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough, during its latest season premiere but the move only sparked heated reactions from fans.


The AGT team took to Instagram to announce that Gabrielle and Hough will be the new replacements for Heidi Klum and Mel B as well as tease the start of its latest season.

The post is a picture of the new judges elegantly dressed as they would appear on the very first episode of the latest season. Gabrielle wore a black dress, and Hough, a shimmery silver one.


The women make fairly excellent choices seeing as the series needs a judge well versed in dance and an actress like Hough. However, it doesn't sit too well with a more substantial fraction of fans, and in the act of rebuttal, they have taken to social media to air their opinions about the update.

One Instagram user, @willcshrake said:

“Nah, guys. You needed Mel and Heidi, and now it’s over.”


Another, obviously an avid fan of the singing competition, went all out to bash AGT, saying:

“I can’t stand Julianne Hough!!! I couldn’t stand her on dancing with the stars now she’s on this show??? She is an awful judge. I don’t know who the other woman is, but no one can replace Mel B and Simons mischievous friendship on the show I’ll miss that. AGT you made a big mistake. Can’t replace two chicks with two nobodies.”

The reactions aren't all adverse as a few laud the change, and some just chose to stay neutral and give the new judges a chance to prove themselves worthy replacements of the former judges.


Being that the show has had Heidi Klum and Mel B as judges for a very long time now, the angry reactions from netizens is not surprising. The 14th season only premiered yesterday, May 28, and it marks the beginning of a new era of Hough and Gabrielle as judges and Terry Crews as the new host.


When Crews inquired about Gabrielle’s thoughts on becoming a judge, she gave a passionate speech saying she felt like the “luckiest person in the world.”


Hough, on the other hand, explained that she felt “very honored” and that she looks forward to the “incredible talent” that's sure to come. The svelte beauty is especially no newbie to judging.

She has worked on “Dancing With The Stars,” but it seems like even that is not enough for netizens who say she did a poor job on "DWTS" and that she'd do the same on "AGT." Since she won't be leaving anytime soon, they all watch to see how she'd fare.