May 30, 2019

Dying Woman Slammed for Wanting an Open Relationship with Her Partner

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A dying woman got slammed after she told her longtime boyfriend that she chose to spend her final year traveling as “a single girl." 

Without disclosing personal information, the 30-year-old woman shared on Reddit that “it's only been three months” since she found out she is dying with only one “good” year left.

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Although she had gone to therapy to help her cope, her boyfriend, whom she has been with since high school, had become distant since her diagnosis.

They live together but have no children, and even though she built her life around him, she felt like she had never lived a life of her own.

“He asked how I wanted to spend my remaining time, and I told him I wanted to travel solo for a couple of months. I also told him I wanted to feel what it’s like to be a single girl in her 20s. This might include sleeping with other people,” she wrote.

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Her boyfriend responded with understanding but said he would be “highly upset” if she went through with it.

Not wanting to hurt him, the woman feels conflicted about her decision as she added, “My pain is temporary because I’ll soon be gone, but the thought of leaving him in this world upset after I’m gone is making me feel like the worlds biggest ****.”

The replies soon streamed in as people shared their opinions, which mostly advised her not to tag her boyfriend along if she wanted the “single” experience.

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“You aren't a *** for wanting to live life as fully as possible in the time you have left, but you are an asshole for putting this burden on him along with the emotional toll he'd be going through anyway knowing your relationship is on borrowed time. If you want to experience being a single woman, actually become a single woman,” one user responded.

Advice from another user suggested that she dumps her boyfriend immediately since she already shared her plan with him and wrote, “Damage is done, she needs to end it and go live her dream and not drag him down any further than this already has.”

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It is no doubt a painful and challenging time for them both, and to be on the receiving end of such a suggestion can be unnerving to those not open to such an arrangement.

In a similar post, a man shared how his fiance and her psychiatrist cornered him into such a discussion two weeks before their wedding.

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She wanted an open relationship where she could sleep with other men, but she didn’t want him to do the same. “That's is not a marriage, that is a sham,” he wrote and ended the relationship right then and there.

Another man got left feeling “bewildered” after his wife of 17 years also suggested they have an open relationship.

“I am outraged by the suggestion as I feel it is a major threat to our marriage. I love and value my wife way too much to allow her to have sex with other men,” he wrote.

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Personal preferences regarding the workings of a relationship are not the same for everyone. On the other hand, others prefer having open or polyamorous relationships.

One such woman, 44-year-old Mary Crumpton opened up about her experience in a polyamorous relationship and admitted to having a husband, a fiance, and two boyfriends.