Couple Celebrates Senior Prom at Pirates Game after Boy, 19, Deemed Too Old to Attend at School

Comfort Omovre
Jun 02, 2019
11:44 A.M.
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Two lovers who couldn't attend prom were the envy of their mates as they had the best prom anyone would ever ask of at the park.


John Marzula and Mary Wexford were at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game instead of their prom and had the surprise of their life.  Dressed up and looking beautiful together, Mary held a placard that said, "THIS IS MY SENIOR PROM," as they sat at home plate and watched their team play.


John, 19 was considered too old to accompany his girlfriend Mary, as her date to the prom by the school. Being optimistic youth, they decided to make good use of the night and attend their team's baseball game at PNC Park. 

The placard Mary held caught the attention of the Pirates,  and they decided to give them a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

They watched the game from a comfortable position, right behind home plate and also were invited for a photo shoot in the field, and had their last dance in the Park with Eric Clapton's “Wonderful Night” playing in the background.


Though the team didn't win that night’s game as they lost to the Rockies 9-3, they sure did win in love as they made the couple's night a memorable one. The highlight is the dance in the park. 

Before this day, Mary's high school have rules for those coming to prom, one of which is that a student can invite dates to prom as long as they meet some “unstated requirements.”


Also, only alumni of the school can be invited as dates to accompany current students. A nongraduate of the school can't accompany a student as a date. 

This latter prerequisite was what Mary and John couldn't fulfill and had to skip prom for the baseball game as John is a college student at Kent.

The couple took to social media to express their joy and happiness. They were grateful to the Pirates for a memorable moment, and an unforgettable prom.  Likewise, the Pirates were overjoyed that although they lost the game, they were able to tap into a love story and be a part of it. 

Love does happen at the least expected places and times. This memorable night will forever be encrusted in the minds of this couple. It was like the stars were aligned for them.

No one is ever too old for love and its niceties as opposed to North Catholic High school.