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Parents Show off Their Joy in a Hilarious Photoshoot as They Celebrate Becoming Empty Nesters

Comfort Omovre
Jun 03, 2019
10:39 A.M.
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Check out this beautiful Mississippi couple that made an amusing photo shoot to celebrate becoming “empty nesters” after sending off their youngest daughter. 


Amy and Randy English went over the top to celebrate their youngest daughter, Haley Jones' moving out of the house. The pictures have become very popular on the internet after Haley shared them on her Facebook business page.


Haley’s caption reads:

“Most parents are a little sad when they hit the “empty nest” phase of life. HOWEVER, my parents seem thrilled. Also... how cute are they??!!”

Haley Jones is one of three children born to the couple and, being a full-time nanny, is set to move out from her childhood home. Instead of getting mopey about having to stay alone after she’s gone, Amy and Randy decided to make the milestone fun by celebrating it with a hilarious photo shoot.


Haley, who recently took up photography as a side job, took all the photos and she did a rather fantastic job too. The beautiful pictures had Amy and Randy expressing great excitement at getting to be alone again, and they also held up different funny signs. 

The lovely couple humorously made funny faces in the photos which were captured to hint at the phase when couples do photo shoots to announce they're expecting a baby. The idea is just genius, and Haley revealed it is the product of her mother’s humor.


Haley said:

“I had been wanting to take their pictures, and Mama was joking about how they’re going to be empty nesters, and then boom. This was the result.”

The 22-year-old also disclosed that holding up signs with funny statements were all Amy’s idea and netizens are all for it! So far, the pictures have amassed well over 100k likes, shares, and numerous comments all lauding the adorable couple. 


It is so heartwarming to find the parents of three behave so hilariously when most people find it to be a somewhat sad occurrence.

According to Haley, they had never planned to send her off anytime soon, and they were shocked when she announced her decision to do so. Haley said:

“I have always said I’m never moving out. I’m living here forever with yall! So they were very surprised but excited for me.”

With all of their children now out of the house, Haley explained that Amy and Randy are looking forward to having some “quality time” together “without any kids around.” What do you think about the pictures??