Sarah Neely of 'My 600-lb Life' Suffered a Miscarriage While Filming 'Where Are They Now?'

Sarah Neely, best known for the reality show “My 600-lb Life,” revealed she suffered a miscarriage while filming the follow-up show “Where Are They Now?”.

The star weighed 642 pounds when the episode started and lost about 40% of the weight, getting to approximately 320 pounds.

As time passed by, the photos she shared on social media made it clear that she had never stopped shedding pounds. Fans even believed that she would become one of the show’s biggest success stories.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s happy story became tragic. On April 26, she posted a message on her Facebook page, revealing that she had been in a mental facility for several days to get help with “depression and anxiety.”

On her second night in the place, Sarah woke up to “horrible pains” and later discovered she had suffered a miscarriage. In the now-deleted Facebook post, Sarah revealed that she was four months pregnant.

“A few days ago, I signed myself into a [mental] health facility to get help with my depression and anxiety. Well the second night there i woke up to horrible pains… Ive been hinting around to you all that i was pregnant.. I was a little over 4 mnths, but i lost the baby,” [sic] revealed the star.

She continued: “Im hurting in a way i never knew a person could hurt. Im hurting deep in my soul. How could god let this happen…i dont know..on top of this the cameras are rolling. Im exhausted. Im just done. For a split second i had a purpose. My purpose is gone.”

In the post, she also made clear that the cameras were “rolling,” meaning that the incident would be portrayed during her follow-up story in “Where Are They Now?” Sarah deleted all the posts related to the pregnancy from her Facebook page.

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