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DL Hughley's Co-Host Jasmine Sanders on Being a Foster Child & Surviving Abuse

Oyin Balogun
Jun 09, 2019
06:15 A.M.
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Jasmine Sanders has had an incredible career as a media personality and has her name written as a big name in the industry when she started to anchor "The DL Hughley Show, " one of America's biggest show, alongside the fantastic DL Hughley.


When she was asked about her experience so far, the award-winning media giant stated that it was a lifetime achievement for her as being a media personality had been her lifelong passion and she had keyed into the direction ever since she was very young.


Jasmine stated that the realization of her dreams was activated after her academic advisor in college admonished her to go for radio presentation. Ever since then, Jasmine became unstoppably focused and took calculated steps in her quest to pursue radio. 

Jasmine believed very strongly in her passion and worked tirelessly towards achieving it. Jasmine would wake up every morning, get all dressed up and head to her desired radio station even though she wasn't employed yet; she would sit in the lobby for 8 hours every day and took the responsibility of buying the receptionist a meal every day.

The well known Vinnie Brown eventually employed Jasmine, and that kick-started her career even though she had little work experience. The radio station was in New York City, and that was where Jasmine began her career in the industry.


Jasmine, through unwavering confidence and grace, has been able to make her voice heard in an industry which was dominated by men. Jasmine stated that she was grateful to DL Hughley for standing by his promise of giving her space and allowing her opinion to aired and her voice heard as much as his.

Jasmine stated that she was overwhelmed by the excitement of her journey so far, and the only regrets she has is that her parents never got to witness it.

Jasmine's journey was never in any way comfortable as she was abandoned by her birth mother and had been to four foster care homes by the time she was almost five years old before she eventually got a stable adoption home.


Jasmine stated that she was also exposed to sexual abuse very early in life, which led her to get pregnant as a teenager. All this did not stop the award-winning media giant as she kept going because of the people in her life, whom she had to prove herself to make proud.

Jasmine has used her platform to help encourage adopted children and children in the foster care system and help them feel deserving of love like every other child in the society.


Jasmine stated that her initiative "#adoptedandwinning"  was to help let the society remove the stigma attached to adopted kids as she, faced the same with her adopted parents while growing up. 

She stated that her parents hid the fact that she was adopted from her for a long time, and this act of dishonesty and display of shame has rubbed off on her personal life even till now. Jasmine stated that this had been the case of a lot of other adopted children she has had the chance to speak with over the years.


Jasmine also advised women and young girls who are victims of the stigma and discrimination that comes with being adopted to always to keep their heads up high and relentlessly pursue their goals and pay less attention to the negative energy thrown at them.

When asked about who to expect on "The DL Hughley Show," Jasmine stated that more passion-driven people are welcome to the show.