Woman shared emotional Facebook post about her experience with a foster child

Foster mother took to social media to share an emotional experience, which quickly went viral on the internet gathering around 2,000 shares.

When Jamie, a foster mother, welcomed a 2-year-old girl to her foster care home, she got so emotional by the little girl's story that she took to Facebook to share it with the world.

In the Facebook post, Jamie wrote that the little girl lived in four different homes in five months before coming under her care.

The foster mom got emotional by the fact that the girl was already conditioned to a life in a foster home and had never known what a real home or a real mother was.

She realized this when the girl said something only a few minutes after meeting Jamie for the first time. She called her, "mommy," which surprised Jamie because then she realized that the girl never really knew what a real mother was like.

She wrote in her post that for the little girl, "mommy" was just a female adult of the house who could "reach something you couldn't and refilled your juice."

The little girl already had five so-called mommies in five months and this disturbed Jamie. She stated that she was so used to a life in a foster home that she almost knew the "drill."

'She walks in confidently and with a smile. She knows the drill,' she wrote about the girl in her Facebook post.

Jamie then went on to write about what being "mommy" truly meant. She wrote: 'Mommy meant falling asleep on shoulders, kissing skinned knees, teaching ABCs. Mommy meant helping homework, whispering about friends, sitting outside dressing rooms.'

She further explained that having a mother meant having a security and commitment to a 'life-long love.' She was saddened by the fact that the little girl didn't know any of that.

Jamie ended her post by hoping and praying for the girl to soon have a true mother in her life, someone who would teach her the true meaning of "mommy."

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