Here's Why Carolyn Jones Didn’t Want Elvis Presley to Kiss Her While Filming 'King Creole'

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 07, 2019
02:45 A.M.
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Elvis Presley was, and is still, recognized as one of America’s most beautiful and had women clamoring to be his. Read about Carolyn Jones, a woman who once refused to kiss the singing legend.


In an interview with Ray Bennett, the stunning actress explained her reasons for not wanting to kiss Elvis Presley. At the time, Bennett was at the peak of her acting career and was most popularly known for playing the role of Morticia in the 1960s TV series, “The Addams Family.”


Despite being a household name, news that she turned down an opportunity to kiss one of America’s most charming star shocked the media. It came in the late 50s, long before her Morticia role, when Carolyn starred alongside Elvis Presley in the iconic musical drama, “King Creole.”

That was the very last movie the legendary musician acted in before enlisting in the army. It had the “Suspicious Minds” crooner playing the role of 19-year-old Danny Fisher, who encounters a bunch of crooks and ends up falling in love with Carolyn’s character, Ronnie.

The 1958 classic has a particularly riveting scene when Danny (Elvis) rescues Ronnie (Carolyn) from her nasty date. To reward him, Ronnie had kissed Danny after which he kissed her back when he noticed some schoolmates were watching and jeering at them.


The scene only makes one of the few times Elvis and Carolyn kissed while working on the sets of the movie. However, one time came when the svelte beauty decided she didn't want to kiss Elvis Presley.

They were in New Orleans filming at the time, and the sterling actress reportedly had a very a high temperature of about 103. She said during the interview:

“It was good that I was supposed to be dying in the film because I felt like I was, and I think I looked like it, too.”


According to “The Cliff Edge,” Carolyn turned to ask Elvis if there was any way they could avoid kissing because she believed she was “germy” but Elvis, as excellent as always, played the perfect gentleman by making a joke out of the otherwise embarrassing situation.

Carolyn Jones:

“Isn’t there some way you can get around kissing me because I’m so germy that I’m gonna kill you. He said, ‘That’s all right; maybe it’ll get me out of the army,’ and he necked away like crazy. He went off to the army, and I took to my bed for two weeks.”


What nobody knew back then was that Carolyn would pass away oh so early from colon cancer at the age of 53. Carolyn Jones said:

“I didn’t have kids, and I need this. I need to work. When I work, I feel better. When I work, I can do anything. When I’m not working, I’m facrumpsing around like an old biddy, snarling at everything. This, I like. I understand it. It’s my life. As they say on those T-shirts: showbiz is my life.”

Although survived by no children, Carolyn remains a legendary actress whose fans still remember for her exceptional dedication to her acting career, which she would even fondly call her “baby.”