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'The View' Fans Praise a 'Chill' Whoopi after Meghan McCain, Joy Behar Call in Sick

Oyin Balogun
Jun 09, 2019
06:51 A.M.
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"The View" was much more interesting to watch on Monday, and that could be credited to the absence of two of the co-hosts, Joy Behar and Meghan McCain. 


At the beginning of the show, Whoopi was swift to mention that Joy Behar and McCain are out sick, stating that people shouldn't stir any rumor about their absence. She also said that they would be joining the show back soon.


Fans noticed the difference between the relationship of co-hosts Whoopi, Sunny Hostin, Tara Setmayer and Ana Navarro, who anchored Monday's show and likened it to what would have been termed "a toxic" show if Joy Behar and McCain were around. 

The exuberance portrayed by Whoopi was according to a Twitter user because "she's not babysitting a petulant child!" The user was referring to McCain of course. 


McCain has been reported to be particularly hard to work with on and off the screen. According to reports from "," most of the casts and crew have had some issue with the former Senator McCain's daughter. 

According to the news outlet, an anonymous representative reported that:

"Whoopi is at her breaking point with Meghan. She's been trying to hang in there, especially keep the peace with Meghan and Joy, but we all know she's about to break."

However, Whoopi is not the only one having issues or getting irritated with the former "Fox News" presenter's obnoxious attitude. Certain producers and some members of the hair and makeup team are also disgusted by it.


However, most of these people have been working on the show for decades and have had little to no issue with other hosts. Therefore it is hard not to believe that the fault lies with McCain. 

Fans of the show were, of course, swift to see that the atmosphere of Monday's episode was "chill" and most took to Twitter to make comments on how they felt. 

@candice7799 wrote:

"Did you notice how happy everyone was? Nobody was giving side-eye to the other hosts. It was great."



Another user, @WhitneyFan90 wrote:

"It was a great day on #theview No toxic behavior and taking the fun out of conversation. @abc Please hire Tara full time. Perfect cast. Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Ana, and Tara. The other two can go back to Fox News where they want to be."


Whoopi was also reported to have told producers on set that:

"I could get used to shows like this. You all know what the difference was today."

One crucial issue that happened between Behar and McCain was when the latter mocked President Trump’s hand gestures during a press conference. This was after Trump's sudden exit from a meeting with Democratic congressional leaders.

The senator's daughter who's taken several jabs at the President herself didn't find the comments funny and called her co-host out on it. 

This is only one of the constant feuds between the co-hosts, but hopefully, when they come back to the show, there will be much more love amongst them all.