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Five Old-Fashioned Jokes That Are Still Really Funny Today

Comfort Omovre
Jun 10, 2019
09:31 A.M.
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Some jokes never fizzle out. Just like fine wine, they retain their hilariousness. Here are some old jokes that remain laughable irrespective of time!


The first joke is about misrepresented words on a tombstone, and is sure funny!

Tombstones in cemetery at dusk | Photo: Shutterstock.com

After attending the funeral of Mr. Skinner who happened to be a reputable member of an industry, his buddy, Mr. Brown, noticed a mistake on his epitaph and called it to the attention of a neighbor. 


It appeared that on Mr. Skinner's tombstone, the word "friend" was written at the end of the first four words "He did his best!"

The other evergreen joke is about kindness. 

At a suburb in Boston, Mr. Paderewski encountered a youngster who asked to polish his shoes. The youngster had dirt on his face and shouted the words "shine?".

Mr. Paderewski smiled and asked him to wash his face to receive a quarter. 

Moments later, the youngster happily showed off his dirt-free face. Mr. Paderewski gave him the quarter alright, but he refunded it and asked Mr. Paderewski to get a haircut with it. Lol, such generosity!


Joke number three as old as the 19th century but still funny is the Elimination joke.

A waiter had orders from two friends on a journey. They wanted the same meal with a slight difference. Friend number one wanted a cup of coffee, some ham, a roll with fried eggs. Friend number two wanted the same, but without the eggs, so he asked the waiter to " eliminate" the eggs.

Eggs | Photo: Shutterstock.com


After a while, the waiter brought the foods and said:

"We' ad a bad accident just before we opened this mornin sir, and the andle  of the liminator got busted off. Will you take yer eggs fried, same as ere gentleman?"

Another classical joke is the Passing Comment.

There was a humorous conversation in the courtroom, between a judge and a woman who had quarreled with her husband.


"Now, madam, please tell the court all that passed between you and your husband during this quarrel."



"Your honor, I cannot remember everything, but I'm sure there was the rolling pin, three plates, and the stove lifter."

Despaired married couple on the bed | Photo: Shutterstock.com


To crown the funny jokes is the Calf Talk!

A female farmer showed off her farm animals to her mischievous neighbor who happened to be a man. After showing him all her livestock, she realized she was yet to show him her calf, and she said:

"Dear me, you have not seen my calf, sir!"

The neighbor responded:

"No ma'am, I never saw higher than your ankle."

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