Ali Stroker Makes History as the First Tony Award Recipient Who Is in a Wheelchair

Actress Ali Stroker had a moment of pride when she wheeled her way to receive a Tony Award for Best Performance by an Actress. She also made history as the first person in a wheelchair to receive the award.

Sunday night was a special one for actress Ali Stroker and to a larger extent, people living with disabilities. The talented actress was the highlight of the 73rd annual Tony Awards as she was awarded as the featured actress with the best performance in a musical for her starring role in the movie, "Oklahoma."


After receiving her award, Stroker gave an emotional speech in which she dedicated the award to every child who was watching and had a disability, or a limitation, or facing a challenge.

She understood that such children must have been waiting to have a representation on the big stage and ended her speech by telling them that "They are represented." Her speech was followed by thunderous applause from the delighted crowd.


The 31-year-old is not new to creating history as she had once made history with her first appearance on Broadway in 2015.

Stroker appeared in “Spring Awakening” in 2015, and was then the first person to make such an appearance on a wheelchair. She is very much an inspiration to many that dreams can come true, no matter what they are going through.


Ali Stroker is a native of New Jersey. She became paralyzed from the chest down after getting involved in a car crash when she was only two years old. She then began singing from the age of seven and mentioned that she has no limitations and feels most powerful when she sings.

She also explained that the ability to create music has helped her through her difficulties and also made her become the strong person that she is today. She is truly a winner.

Though her big win served as the highlight of the awards, Ali Stroker was not the only one to receive an award. The night saw a host of actors, actresses, and films go home with awards.

The awards night was hosted by James Corden, a former recipient of the award. Catch the full list of winners here.