Here’s What Happened to Keith Thibodeux from the Beloved 'I Love Lucy' Show

Keith Thibodeaux is most famously known for playing the role of little Ricky in “I Love Lucy.” Here's what he has been doing since the show ended.

Keith is now well past his prime at 64 but still holds a special place in Hollywood having played "Little Ricky" as a little child himself. He remains the only surviving member of the original cast of the famous American comedy series.

When the show ended in 1957, Keith was nine years old and went on to briefly star in “The Andy Griffith Show” and other small roles on famous TV shows. However, he went on to join a rock and roll band, “David and the Giants” where he enjoyed fame averagely.

It was at about this time that Keith became severely depressed and even started having suicidal thoughts, but it was through this turbulent phase of his life that he found God.


"I do kind of look at it like a time of my life where I wasn't able to fully be a kid, but that's a problem with child stars--that dynamic is always in the mix. I was very depressed and suicidal and got to the end of my rope and became a Christian in 1974. That kind of changed my perspective on the show. After that, I was able to appreciate the show much more than I did when I was a young adult."

It's 2019, and while he has stopped acting, Keith still plays the drums and is now the executive producer of “Ballet Magnificat!” alongside his ballerina wife, Kathy. Keith does seem to be doing very well, and the husband-wife team makes sure to use their dance venture to spread the gospel.

The Thibodeaux couple is also grandparents after their daughter Tara gave birth to a son about five years ago and are just generally living happily.

Even decades after the show came to a halt, Keith is still grateful to have been a part of the timeless classic. While speaking in an interview with “ABC News,” he said:

"It was an interesting show, but it was a very special show. It seems to be very memorable, and people of any different generation can appreciate it...appreciate the humor of it, appreciate the silliness of it."

The former child star also went to disclose that he still keeps happy memories of the time he spent with his TV parents Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Although Keith honestly revealed that he rarely watches "I Love Lucy” now, he is still very proud of working on the show and even went on to assert that he doesn't think there has ever been a match for the classic series.