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Jamie Rathburn Arrested for Confronting 9-Year-Old Kids at School Who Allegedly Bullied Her Son

Joe Akins
Jun 11, 2019
11:45 A.M.
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A mum in South Carolina stormed her son's school to confront the kids who allegedly bullied him, and it led to unexpected consequences.


Bullying is a menace in schools, and no mother wants to see her child suffer from it. A South Carolina mother, Jamie Rathburn, in Greenville, convinced that her son in the third-grade was getting bullied, stormed Greenbrier Elementary School in May to confront his alleged bullies.


Three days after she championed her son's case, the police came to her house and picked her up. Rathburn got booked at the Greenville County Detention Center, with a $1,000 bail option.

However, the aggrieved mother got released on a personal recognizance bond. During an interview with the "Greenville News," the third-grader's mother said she was not proud of the way she handled things and apologized to the students and parents of the elementary school.


Despite the apology and remorse, Rathburn is not sure she would have done things in a different way. The aggrieved mother believes that it was the only way to get the attention of the people — referring to the staff of the elementary school and the Greenville school district — who didn't take her reports seriously.

Police investigation revealed that an audioless camera recorded the mother-of-two sneaking into the school premises after drop-off and proceeding to her son's classroom.

Rathburn confronted the-about 9-year-old students, pointing the finger at them in a threatening way. Also, it got discovered in a post on social media, which the class mom later deleted that she told them to stay away from her child or they'll have to face her.


The video is what brought Rathburn to the attention of the authorities. In another post, she said she'll protect her children no matter the cost, and the Greenville resident is considering homeschooling them when the school year returns.

The aggrieved mother's biggest regret is the ban, which stops her from stepping on the property of all the schools in the district, and if she is found guilty of a misdemeanor, the class mum faces about one year in jail and a fine of $2,000.


Rathburn hopes that her action helps stop bullying at Greenbrier, after all, her only crime is defending her child from those who allegedly made fun of his hair, jerked him around, and hit him with a computer; she returns to court on June 18.

Jamie won't be the first mum to confront kids who bullied her child as another mother in California was banned from her daughter’s school after she made threats to students over their alleged bullying of the daughter. 

It seems like more mommies are putting matters into their own hands!