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Doris Day Reportedly Spent Her Final Days Being Manipulated by People Who Were Close to Her

Comfort Omovre
Jun 15, 2019
11:16 A.M.
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Following America’s sweetheart, actress and singer, Doris Day’s death there have been wide speculations on how she spent her last days, are these speculations real or are they just rumors?


We all knew Doris Day as a cheery blonde never without her brilliant smile and sweet girl-next-door nature, however, in the weeks following her death, disputable and contentious stories have emerged that have cast the actress in a different light.


Sources who were close to the beautiful actress recently disclosed the state in which the actress spent her last days, and it was a lonely one, the sources alleged.

Their allegations were rendered valid when after her death on May 13, her grandchild, Ryan Melcher, came forward with claims that Doris Day's manager, Bob Bashara, refused to let him see his grandmother, and this apparently continued even after she grew older and “her mind began to slip up.”


One of Doris Day's close friends, Mike DeVita, who had most times traded letters with Day described her as a “trusting woman who was manipulated all her life, usually by her husbands," Fox News reported.

Day's first husband, Al Jorden, had not only routinely hit her but also threatened to shoot her, and even though Jorden beat her, she decided to stay in the marriage when she got pregnant with her now-late son Terry, later on in 1943 she divorced Al Jorden and kicked him out of their home in Cincinnati.


Three years after she was rid of Al Jorden, Day met and promptly got married to George Weidler; the marriage lasted from 1946 to 1949.

Afterward she met her third husband, Martin Melcher, who adopted her son Terry, and wasted her savings, leaving her broke without her knowledge, she only discovered she was in debt after Melcher died in 1968, however, she was saved from it when she was awarded over $22 million for fraud and malpractice.


The TV star married one more time, in 1976, to maitre d’ Barry Comden, and split in 1981; he “publicly admitted to being jealous of her beloved dogs,” Page Six news reported.

Talking about the years that preceded her demise, an anonymous neighbor said her final moments were rife with controversy and that her daily life had eventually revolved around her animals. The neighbor said:

"In the last 20 years of her life, all she cared about was her animals. She trusted animals more than she did humans. I don’t blame her."