Controversial Photos of a Reportedly Pregnant Marilyn Monroe Are Now on Sale

Photographs of Marilyn Monroe having what appears to be a baby bump have been put on sale.

The shots, taken on July 8, 1960, outside Fox Studios in New York are being sold a whopping $95,000 on auction site Moments in Time.  

“As far as she was concerned Marilyn was pregnant in the summer of 1960 and the slides prove it.”

The exclusive images – six in total – were in the possession of the iconic actress’s loyal friend Frieda Hull, who dubbed the photos “pregnant slides.”

The sepia photos show Monroe with a prominent bump on her belly. Hull claimed that the star was in the early stages of pregnancy when the photos were taken.

According to Daily Mail, the would-be father was not the actress’s then-husband, Arthur Miller, but the Italian actor Yves Montand.  


Monroe and Montand had a very public affair following their movie, “Let’s Make Love.”

Tony Michaels, a next-door neighbor of Hull, bought the photographs at the Marilyn Memorabilia Auction held by Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Michaels said Hull confided in him about the legendary Hollywood star’s secret pregnancy and the would-be father.

Monroe, he said, kept her pregnancy a secret before losing the unborn baby in a miscarriage.

The actress, who had endometriosis already, had three miscarriages in the past. The condition causes severe menstrual pain.


Michaels said he believes that Hull told him the truth.

“It wasn’t a guess or a presumption, it was something she knew for sure, she was very close to Marilyn,” he said. “As far as she was concerned Marilyn was pregnant in the summer of 1960 and the slides prove it.”  

Monroe’s legacy continues to live with relics from her glorious career. Her long-lost nude scene from the 1961 film The Misfits has been discovered recently, after 57 years. 

The footage would have been the first nude scene by a Hollywood actress in a feature film. It was thought that the footage was destroyed after being cut from the movie.

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