Hope Solo Breaks Silence after Miscarrying Twins

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 12, 2019
06:13 P.M.
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Hope Solo revealed that she came close to death after suffering a miscarriage just days before she had to give an important speech. 


Solo, 37,  is for the former goalkeeper for the US national soccer team and also the wife of former NFL player Jerramy Stevens. This week, she opened up in an interview with Elle magazine about a recent tragedy she went through. 

The controversial sportswoman revealed that in early 2018, she suffered a devastating miscarriage due to an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy means a baby is developing outside of the womb. 


Solo, who got married in 2012, was pregnant with twins and had been trying to have children for a long time. Sadly, she miscarried and when she went to the doctor, they had to remove her fallopian tube to save her.

"The doctor said I was hours from dying," she revealed. Just days later, she gave a speech in Orlando as she ran for president of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). She's now trying to get pregnant through IVF.

Solo said that "that speech took a lot. Even before all that, it would have taken courage." She ended up losing the election but clarified that she "didn't expect" to win. "But I knew my voice was important," she insisted.


Solo's slim chances were due in part to her tainted history with the sport. She was twice suspended for outbursts and received backlash on social media when she said the Swedish soccer team played like "cowards." 

Her marriage has also been controversial. Her husband was arrested mere hours before the two got married in 2012. During the interview, Solo explained that they had a party with a few friends at their house. 

"We thought everyone could just be happy for us. It was dumb," she said. Then explained how her brothers got into an argument. When the cops came they saw Solo with a bloodied elbow and arrested Stevens on the spot.


Stevens was soon released and regarding their wedding,  Solo called it "the most triumphant day." The family drama was amplified two years later when Solo was arrested for domestic abuse of her half-sister and nephew. 

Despite the sordid reputation of her personal life, Solo has a winning reputation as she's won two gold medals in the Olympics and one World Cup. With that, she's earned the right to speak out about issues in the sport. 


The confident and determined player is outspoken regarding equal pay for women compared to their male counterparts. She just helped convincearbitrators that the USSF violated the Ted Stevens Olympics and Amateur Sports Act, which falls under federal law. 

Solo actually began as a Parade All American when she attended Richland High School. When she moved to Washington, she transitioned into a goalkeeper on the All Pac-1- team, breaking records in her new role. 


After that, she experienced great success until her career came to an abrupt end in 2016. Less than two weeks after she insulted the Swedish team, she was suspended and her contract with the USSF terminated. 

Solo has since moved on to live in North Carolina with her husband. She's now working on media-related projects alongside another former soccer player, Eric Wynalda. and she has a biopic in the works. 

Meanwhile, someone already on television just revealed that they also went through a miscarriage. Dyland Dreyer was trying for her second child when she went through the horrific loss. 


The TV meteorologist opened up in late April about what she and husband Brian Fichera went through. Dreyer was diagnosed with secondary fertility due to a "very low egg count."

She also had scarring because of a C-section from her first child, Calvin. Dreyer said she suffered the miscarriage five weeks into her pregnancy. Days later, she had to return to work on the "Today" show and pretend that nothing happened.