Details behind Night That Jackie Wilson Allegedly Tried to Molest Patti LaBelle

Just like everyone else, the great singer had gone through some hardships in life! What makes this more shocking is knowing that another iconic singer, Jackie Wilson was the cause of the horrible pain. 

Patti LaBelle once revealed a legendary singer attempted to rape her. She also said the attempt was thwarted because of one valuable weapon she possessed. 


Patti LaBelle is best known for her iconic soprano voice in her hits “Lady Marmalade,” “On My Own,” “New Attitude,” and “If You Only Knew.” But it’s that same powerful voice, according to her, that saved her from an attempted rape in her distant past.  

In 2013, Patti’s horror story of assault was detailed in the Michigan Chronicle. The singer revealed it was a well-known singer who attempted to rape her. 


Patti disclosed it happened during the early 1960s — this was while she was still a member of "Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles" — when the famous singer along with his accomplice dragged her from the backstage to a room in an attempt to sexually assault her. Unfortunately, the singer was the legendary Jackie Wilson.


"He was kissing my neck, and I could smell the liquor on his breath. As I struggled to free myself, Jackie’s accomplice started dragging me in backwards. I was kicking with all my might, but I was no match for him." — LaBelle recalled

Before she could think too hard about what was going on, LaBelle found herself locked up in a room with Jackie touching her. 


During the tribulation, Patti decided to use her best weapon — her voice. 

“No one could hear me. I didn’t have a knife, but I had my voice. I started screaming even louder, at the top of my lungs, and I can scream every bit as loud as I can sing.” — Patti LaBelle.

Luckily for Patti, her efforts paid off, and Jackie stopped. 

"Suddenly they backed off. They let me go. I ran as fast as I could in the direction of the lights.”


The rape attempt on the singer is just one of the many trials she’s been through in the past. At 12 years old, her parents split up, and she was soon thrust into the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, who molested her. 

As if that’s not tragic enough, her three sisters died of cancer before reaching the age of 45. With all these tragedies, Patti held on to her work, which helped her pull through from the dark times. 

“I wrapped my very soul in my song,” she wrote in her 1996 autobiography, “Don’t Block the Blessings.”  


Patti married ex-husband Armstead Edwards in 1969 and the duo stayed married for over thirty years. According to Huffingpost, the iconic singer revealed on Oprah's Master Class she was the one who popped the question to Edwards after he asked her three times prior and she said "No."


“[He] asked me to marry him three times, and I said no," she revealed. "The fourth time, I asked him. He said, "Let me give it a few days." So he gave it a few days, and he said yes,” she added.

Three decades after the union, the two amicably decided they were better off without each other and then called it quits. They have a son together, Zuri Edwards. 


Her voice is magic! Patti recently entertained guests at the Grammy Awards where she sang “Call Me” as part of the night’s tribute to the late Aretha Franklin. 

Stunning in a glittering black pantsuit, the "Godmother of Soul" thrilled the audience with her hair-raising rendition of Fraklin’s classic. Even in her close to diamond age, Patti managed to hit all the right notes to the song. She later revealed she often sang it during her tours spanning 55 years.


These days, Patti delights in being a grandmother to her two granddaughters, Gia, and Leyla who are often headliners thanks to their adorable photos on Instagram. 

The girls are the daughters of Patti’s only son, Zuri — her manager. Zuri is the product of her 34-year marriage to her longtime friend, Armstead Edwards whose divorce was finalized in 2003. 

Patti is living and enjoying every bit of life. She once dated Eric Seats, an old drummer of hers. After over seven decades on earth, the singer not only looks younger than her age, but she also doesn't look like what she's been through. 

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