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Donald Trump's 'Draconian' Prenup with Ex-Wife Marla Maples Leaks

Comfort Omovre
Jun 15, 2019
11:28 A.M.
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Donald Trump’s premarital agreement with his ex-wife, Marla Maples has reportedly surfaced, and it reveals rather startling conditions which have the media in a frenzy. 


The prenuptial agreement has been labeled “draconian” because it contains rather harsh conditions for if Marla and Trump separated within five years of marriage.


A divorce attorney called the prenup a form of “coercion” because Marla’s being pregnant at the time would have added enormous pressure on her. 

A “Vanity Fair” article details conditions set in the premarital document drawn by Donald Trump. The amounts seem rather meager when compared to Trump's self-acclaimed financial status then. 

The real state of Trump's finances is always shrouded in secrecy, and reports claim that unlike he loved everyone to believe, Trump wasn't a billionaire.

The incredible values for Trump’s real estate in the 90s premarital agreement stated that his total worth was well over a billion dollars, and that included two businesses that had already failed at the time. However, his accounting firm asserted, along with the statement, that they were yet to review the values.


Aside from that, the documents also included the condition that Trump planned to pay Maples just $1 million “if they separated within five years, plus another $1 million to buy a house.” That was rather low compared to his first wife, Ivana Trump's divorce settlement of about $25 million! 

The prenup reportedly also stated that Trump would continue to pay child support for their daughter but that that would stop if Tiffany ever became employed full-time, join the military or join the Peace Corps. 


The terms make it so unbelievable that Marla signed the prenup! Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage did break up within five years, and the divorce became official in 1999.

After the separation, Maples lived in California, where she singly raised Tiffany. Even back then, the stunning actress countered the common belief that she left the Trump estate with millions. 


So far, there has been no response from Trump as regards the leaked prenup documents. Since the report surfaced, it has many revisiting Trump and Marla’s distressed beginning that was them starting as illicit lovers while Trump and Ivana were still married.  

The affair was a rather infamous one at the time but Marla even “never considered” herself a mistress, "People" reports. It must have been very devastating for her to watch the relationship go sour.