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'Geto Boys' Rapper Brad 'Scarface' Jordan Is Running for Houston City Council

Monica Otayza
Jun 13, 2019
05:40 A.M.

The Geto Boys' "Scarface" would like everyone to stop calling him his famous moniker, as he announced his run for Houston City Council just before the death of his bandmate Bushwick Bill.


According to Brad Jordan, known for his moniker "Scarface," there's no such thing as Scarface anymore as he is "dead." He used the nickname for his stint on the Geto Boys, a famous hip-hop group that the late Bushwick Bill was also known for.


"I'm not going to be a 75-year-old rapper."

A Change of Career

However, after years in the entertainment industry, Brad has decided to take another path and run for Houston City Council. Instead of being remembered as an artist, he hopes to be remembered for his passion to start a life in public service.

"I'm not going to be a 75-year-old rapper. I'm going to be finishing my last term in office as president when I'm 75."


The 48-year-old expressed his intent to represent Houston's District D, which covers the southern part of the city where he grew up. A couple of days prior, District D council member, Dwight Boykins, whom Jordan refers to as a good friend, vacated the seat to run for mayor.

His Time to Shine

Jordan officially filed his appointment as early as now, despite having until August 19 to do so. The election will occur on November 5, where all 16 council seats will be up for re-election.

According to the former rapper, he's been eyeing the seat for years, but gave way for Boykins. He in fact didn't expect his friend to give up the seat for another four years. However, when he expressed his intent to run for mayor, he knew it was his time.


"Four years came in a matter of 24 hours. When he vacated that seat, it was my time to go ahead and move toward that seat, because I grew up there, I know a lot of people there, I know what the issues are."


Jordan's announcement to run for office came just a couple of hours before his fellow Geto Boy, Bushwick Bill, passed away at age 52 after a tough battle with pancreatic cancer.

"Scarface" became one of the many celebrities that mourned Bushwick's death, posting a photo of his friend on social media. Joining him are the likes of Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and DJ Yoda.


Remembering Bushwick Bill

While not a lot of people remember who Bushwick Bill was, the people in the industry made it a point to let people know who exactly the man was.

Snoop Dogg, being one of the most talented people in the rap game, definitely knows talent when he hears it. That is why when he paid tribute to his late friend, people began to notice Bushwick Bill again. In fact, what people don't know, is that Bill was in the game long before Snoop was, and Snoop actually considered him as a mentor.


Likewise, DJ Yoda asked people who have not heard Bushwick Bill to actually listen to him or Google him, as he is a unique character in the world.

Now that Bushwick Bill has passed and Scarface has made sure to let people know that he won't be referred to like that anymore, it might just be the end of the Geto Boys. We wish Brad the best of luck in this new endeavor he's taking.

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